Stan Lee's Kids Universe 'Allies Of The Amazon' Set For Release In Brazil

By: Nov. 12, 2019

Stan Lee's Kids Universe 'Allies Of The Amazon' Set For Release In Brazil

Stan Lee's Kids Universe (SLKU), the family-friendly children's imprint from the late comic legend Stan Lee, comprised of his company Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment and 1821 Media, working with FTD Publishing, are preparing to launch Lee's first posthumous children's book ALLIES OF THE AMAZON via in Brazil on November 12, 2019. The book will be available in digital and print editions.

ALLIES OF THE AMAZON features four animals with superpowers who must defeat an evil creature capable of destroying the balance of the Amazon rainforest. The idea for the book originated from a meeting Stan Lee and POW! Entertainment's Gill Champion took with their partner in SLKU, 1821 Media's Terry Dougas (American Made, Good Time), and Brazilian producer Frederico Lapenda (Men of Courage, Rage). They decided to develop the adventure book together and tapped Brazilian writer Gabriel Chalita to pen the project. Chalita has written over 84 books and several plays in his career. Bruno Miranda, the illustrator of ALLIES OF THE AMAZON, has won 6 Golden Lions in the Cannes Publicity Festival.

The Stan Lee's Kids Universe publishing imprint has been a smash hit with children and parents alike since launching in 2013. The label specializes in graphic novels, picture books, and digital books for kids of all ages. Stan Lee's Kids Universe has created over 200 characters from properties including: Cesar Milan Presents: Dinosaurs vs. Puppies, Monsters vs. Kittens, Once Upon A Time There Was a Pig, Reggie the Veggie, Dex T-Rex, Hero Petz, and Rockstar Super Diva, among others.

ALLIES OF THE AMAZON is a timely story inspired by a universe of superheroes who operate among the animals of the Amazon rainforest at a time when the animals lived in harmony. This peace, however, has just been shaken. Lamal, a monster who uses life-threatening lies and disguises, resurfaces after being freed from the depths of the earth during an excavation by ants. Disagreements between the beings of the forest begin to emerge and are increasingly frequent. To prevent chaos from engulfing the Amazon, four figures with incredible powers (one Uirapuru, one Royal Lily, one tortoise and one monkey), each capable of manipulating an element of nature - earth, air, fire and water - will need to find out what's happening and start acting. United by purpose and friendship, they work to reinstate the values essential to the balance of a sustainable society.

"Stan Lee's ALLIES OF THE AMAZON brings a message of unity and environmental awareness that will touch the hearts and minds of people of all ages," says Frederico Lapenda, co-creator of the project.

Terry Dougas commented: "Stan Lee's legacy will live forever. He was a true icon, a dear friend, a great business partner and real-life superhero who cared about educating children. ALLIES OF THE AMAZON was near and dear to his heart and we are delighted to launch this beautiful and inspiring story in Brazil since the Amazon is so important for our world."

"Stan was a strong supporter of children's literacy, and with SLKU, he always strove to tell stories that are fun, educational and accessible to kids," Gill Champion, Stan's partner in POW! Entertainment, said. "He would be very proud with the launch of ALLIES OF THE AMAZON because it epitomizes two essential elements he firmly believed in: education and entertainment."

Stan Lee is known worldwide as the co-creator of Marvel superheroes such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, The Avengers, X-Men and The Fantastic Four. Stan Lee served as the Chairman Emeritus of Marvel and Chief Creative Officer of POW! Entertainment, which he founded with Gill Champion. To encourage reading among young people and children, Stan and POW! co-founded Stan Lee's Kids Universe, a multimedia publisher that publishes works for children.

1821 Media is a multimedia production and finance company that specializes in high quality films, television, graphic novels and digital media. As an independent financier and producer, the company has produced over 20 feature films, including Golden Globe nominated Grandma and Natalie Portman starrer Jane Got a Gun. Other titles under 1821 are Swing Vote starring Kevin Costner, and The Invention Of Lying starring Ricky Gervais and Jennifer Garner. 1821 Comics is the publishing arm that published the NY Times best Seller ROMEO & JULIET: THE WAR by Stan Lee, Terry Dougas, Max Work, and Skan Srisuwan.

POW! Entertainment, LLC is a multimedia company founded in 2001 by the iconic comicbook creator Stan Lee with his friend and business partner Gill Champion to create and license intellectual properties for entertainment media, including: feature length films, television, merchandising, branded content and other related ancillary markets, as well as exclusively maintain and protect the ownership of his name, likeness, voice, trademarks and publicity rights throughout the world. Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment is working with top writers, artists, animators, filmmakers and actors to extend the legacy of the greatest storyteller of our time.

Frederico Lapenda is an award winning movie producer and visionary fight promoter, who is one of the founders of the sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Lapenda is widely credited for the globalization of the sport. He has produced many films, numerous MMA events, video games, music concerts, and documentaries. Lapenda received a national honor in his home country for his lifelong accomplishments, when he was appointed a Tourism Ambassador by the President of Brazil, alongside such national heroes such as Ronaldinho, Vitor Belfort, Renzo Gracie and Romero Britto.


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