New Book Revisits “The Count of Monte Cristo”

New Book Revisits “The Count of Monte Cristo”

Many have read the last words from the classic novel, "The Count of Monte Cristo" and felt sadness as it ended.

Holy Ghost Writer, the mysterious author of "The Sultan of Monte Cristo," has penned his new book as a direct continuance.

This sequel is said to regenerate a recognizable prose that closely matches the novel's mood, tone and pacing Alexandre Dumas used as the original characters are reinvented and new characters make their debut.

"I was deeply inspired by reading 'The Count of Monte Cristo' and not wanting the story to end, continued it immediately and in subsequent sequels into the present day," Holy Ghost Writer said.

"The Sultan of Monte Cristo" provides a suspenseful and exciting adventure bursting with themes of hope, justice, vengeance, mercy and foreignness.

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