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Emmy Award-winning Modern Family Executive Producer/Writer Danny Zuker’s new book, He Started It!: My Twitter War With Trump (Griffith Moon) with Editor Paul Slansky, is now available for Pre-Order, and will be published on September 10, 2018. Anyone dealing with PTSD – President Trump Stress Disorder – can have some laughs with this book at the expense of the man who hates nothing more than being laughed at, while supporting three great causes being hurt by the Trump Administration.

For comic relief, Zuker presents all the entries from his legendary three-month-long Twitter War with future President Donald J Trump in He Started It!: My Twitter War With Trump. And Zuker’s hilarious commentary about these historic 2013 tweets shows how the warning signs of all the horrors in today’s never-ending Breaking News were right there all along.

“This book strangely feels like an important document now,” Zuker says. “All the childish language and the insane logic Trump used to engage me, he’s now using with world leaders.” Trump’s juvenile nicknames (“Crooked Hillary,” “Pocahontas,” “Wacky Omarosa”) and frenzied catch phrases (“Fake News!” “Witch Hunt!” “No Collusion!”) allow 45 (who Slansky calls, among other epithets, “Pignocchio,” “The Immaturian Candidate,” and “The Bully Puppet”) to dominate the news 24x7.

“Trump thinks he’s getting the best of every exchange,” observes Editor Paul Slansky, “but in reality, he’s being eviscerated.” Here’s a sneak preview of the smackdowns Trump believed were glorious victories:

  • Responding to Trump’s lies about how well Celebrity Apprentice was doing, Zuker tweeted, “The only way you could be losing ratings points faster is if you inherited them from your father.” Trump’s response: “I’m in front of the camera and behind the camera- just looked at your picture, you’ll never be in front of the camera!”
  • When Trump tweeted about all of Zuker’s “failures” (shows he worked on before landing at the mega-successful Modern Family and winning multiple Emmys), Zuker shot back, “I’ve had failures. Not lose my inheritance go bankrupt a bunch of times & become a paid race baiting buffoon, But failures.”
  • Zuker’s tweet, “I’m just ribbing you on account of you being utterly despicable and a general cancer on society” was deftly dodged by Trump’s scathing “Night loser!” All the best words!

The book, He Started It!: My Twitter War With Trump, was a result of Zuker reading his tweets aloud (with Veep actor Tim Simons reading Trump’s sad! responses) at a Los Angeles fundraiser for the Puerto Rico Relief Fund. Zuker’s good friend Slansky was in the audience and instantly realized that this material needed to be captured between covers for posterity. For those stunned by the absurd rise of the least qualified and most unprincipled “leader” America has ever known, He Started It! shows that the nation elected a man-child who was 70 going on 7. As Trump himself has said, seeming to think that this was something worth boasting about, “When I look at myself in the first grade and I look at myself now, I’m basically the same. The temperament is not that different.”

He Started It!: My Twitter War With Trump by Danny Zuker with Paul Slansky (Griffith Moon, September 10, 2018) is available for Pre-Order on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, and Indie Books


DANNY ZUKER @DannyZuker (AUTHOR) - When not delighting his hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers by trolling the leader of the free world, five-time Emmy Award winner DANNY ZUKER works as a television comedy writer/producer. He’s spent the last nine years as an executive producer/writer on Modern Family and has worked on more than a dozen shows, including Evening Shade, Roseanne, Just Shoot Me, and, as Trump so cleverly tweeted at him, “so many flops.”

PAUL SLANSKY @slansky (EDITOR) is the author of The Clothes Have No Emperor: A Chronicle of the American ‘80s and five other books that savagely mock the idiots, hypocrites and demagogues who masquerade as our “leaders.” In the summer of 2016, he created (and continues to curate), a website dedicated to the ridiculously easy task of disrespecting Donald Trump.

To give back to the community, Zuker is donating is donating a portion of every book sale to three charities whose causes have been hurt by Trump: Planned Parenthood, the World Wildlife Fund and RAICES (the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, which is reuniting separated families).

Media Contact, Liz Kelly, 310-987-7207

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