International Consulting Nutritionist Natalie Mitchell Releases 'Eat Healthy, Be Sexy'

International Consulting Nutritionist Natalie Mitchell Releases 'Eat Healthy, Be Sexy'

MONTREUX, Switzerland, May 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Best Seller author and international consulting nutritionist Natalie Mitchell has published her new book, "Eat Healthy, Be Sexy."

As inferred by the title of Ms. Mitchell's book, she motivationally delivers the proposition to her readers that the enjoyment of, and the degree of success one achieves in, life is greatly influenced and enhanced by the quality of the nutrition we give our bodies. Ms. Mitchell convincingly explains that through improved health we can achieve not only physical improvement but also emotional improvement and personal growth on many levels.

"Eat Healthy, Be Sexy" also provides readers with an educationally rich explanation and reference guide to avoiding the foods that are unhealthy and how readers can understand and focus on which foods enhance the health of the body and mind and ultimately, their life.

Natalie opens "Eat Healthy, Be Sexy" by highlighting and explaining the significance to achieving good health though alkaline foods and the importance of maintaining a slightly alkaline bodily state to promote good health and high energy as well as delivering the important benefit to the body of enhanced disease resistance.

"Eat Healthy, Be Sexy" contains reference tables showing a wide range of foods and noting each food's pH Factor, making "Eat Healthy, Be Sexy" one of those books readers will carry around on their Kindles while shopping at the grocery store.

Loaded with factual nutritional advice as well as quoted medical science research information, "Eat Healthy, Be Sexy" seeks to set clear guidelines for readers on how to achieve and maintain a healthy bodily environment.

Natalie Mitchell makes it very clear to readers that they should understand two things. First, each person can exercise significant power and control over their individual health and life destiny at any age. Second, that as she colorfully observes, "Sexy has no expiration date!"

In "Eat Healthy, Be Sexy," Ms. Mitchell shares in a narration designed for easy comprehension of sometimes quite complex aspects of nutrition and body chemistry, her extensive knowledge and understanding of the extraordinary power of nutrition in shaping our lives in all its facets.

"Eat Healthy, Be Sexy" is available in paperback and for the Kindle on at


For over a decade she has counseled her clients including those with Cancer on how to achieve a state of robust health and avoidance of disease as well as recovery through optimized daily nutrition and diet. Natalie Mitchell is an international consulting Nutritionist specializing in life coaching for her clients through nutrition knowledge tailored for the needs of the human body as well as using nutrition as the springboard for powerful, emotional enhancement and a greater ability to achieve one's goals in life.


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International Consulting Nutritionist Natalie Mitchell Releases 'Eat Healthy, Be Sexy'