Eliza Sarah Graham Releases ALL THINGS POSSIBLE

Eliza Sarah Graham Releases ALL THINGS POSSIBLE

Change may not be easy, but change is what makes us grow.

Retired therapist and novelist Eliza Sarah Graham is no stranger to challenging life transitions. Upon completion of her master's degree in clinical psychology, Graham relocated to Johannesburg, South Africa. While there she developed The Relocation Adjustment Workshop for Women, a program she continued when she returned to the United States.

Drawing from her experience as a therapist, wife and mother, Graham's new novel, "All Things Possible," explores the importance of intergenerational support within a family going through change.

"Life isn't over when challenges occur," Graham says. "Often it is those very challenges that strengthen our genuine beliefs."

Centered on the themes of geography, intergenerational relationships and gatherings, "All Things Possible" contemplates the effects family relationships have on character development, particularly when dark outside forces try to shake our faith.

Using personal tragedy as the impetus for contemplating what is truly important in life, Graham's new novel reminds readers that all things are possible with enough love, faith and, above all, forgiveness.

"Crisis can be the catalyst to defining the real meaning of our lives," Graham says. "We don't have to remain in roles that have been assigned to us, and perhaps it takes a life changing event to show us the path to our true selves and what is ultimately our calling."

"All Things Possible" by Eliza Sarah Graham
Paperback, $17.99
e-Book, $3.99
ISBN: 978-1-45257-242-0
Available at amazon.com, bookstore.balboapress.com, elizasarahgraham.com

About the author
Eliza Sarah Graham holds a master's degree in clinical psychology with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy. Following the development of the Relocation Adjustment Workshops for Women, Graham published The Relocation Adjustment Workbook, incorporating all she had learned and taught in her practice. Upon retiring, Graham turned her attention to writing. "All Things Possible" is the most recent in a long list of her novels including: "Her Sense of Place," "Blind Love," "The Book of Lena," "Forgivable Sins," "Legacy of the Heart and Fallow Fields." She and her husband reside in Newport Beach, Calif.