David Thomas Roberts' PATRIOTS OF TREASON Advocates Secession of Texas


The election is well behind us but feelings are still running strong. Author and unwavering Texan, David Thomas Roberts, is patriotic to the core and believes Americans should take a stand when it seems their liberty is being threatened. With all the talk today about Texas petitioning to secede, his timely book Patriots of Treason (AKA-Publishing), follows his beliefs "that the original ideas and beliefs of our founding fathers are no longer being upheld by the federal government."

Roberts' riveting book tells the story of a United States on the brink of civil war - again. It takes a courageous federal whistleblower, an ordinary Texan, and a governor who won't sit still for the shredding of the Constitution to stop an evil conspiracy by the federal government. The nation is in crisis; Congress can't agree on anything, and the country is totally divided.

Patriots of Treason has all the makings of a great read; fraud, scandals in the president's administration, climbing oil and food prices - and perpetrators who have found the perfect scapegoat to blame for everything that's wrong with America. And they almost get away with it. But, just like patriots before them, some will not stand for it. They will become Patriots of Treason.

David Roberts knows just what it takes to grab the reader's attention from the first page and keep them rapidly turning pages on a pulse-pounding, roller-coaster ride of excitement to the explosive end!

Roberts believes that Texans make a good argument for secession from the Union; Texas maintains a balanced budget and is the 15th largest economy in the world, among other things. And more so because he believes: "The nation is clearly divided, with one half believing we should return to the literal meaning of Constitutional principles and the other half who believe in redistribution, class warfare and socialism." Adding, "This theme of political, cultural and economic polarization is evident everywhere but especially in Texas, the traditional South and certain Western states. This seismic gap in belief systems created the impetus for the theme in my book, Patriots of Treason, which now likely rings more true than ever."

Dave Roberts has lived in Texas since 1967. It was family trips to the Alamo, with its rich history and the spirit of the many Texan heroes who fought for their liberty, that made a lasting impression on him throughout his life. He is active in politics and the movement for modern-day Texas Independence. Dave and his wife of 29 years have four children and one grandchild, all of whom have been blessed to have been born "Native Texans."

For more information on Dave and his political thriller, visit: www.patriotsoftreason.com.