British Air Hostess Said to be the Next Dan Brown

British air hostess and author Sam Jane Brown releases her debut novel FORGOTTEN WORD, a murder mystery set in a Vatican plagued by the death of many priests.

Sam Jane Brown is an up and coming writer to watch. Her debut novel is available now through amazon, sparking controversy for its exploration of church topics, which are often considered no-go areas.

"This novel has an underlying theme which explores aspects of the Bible and Christianity that are generally considered taboo in the church," Says Brown; "But in the end it is true to Christianity, and religion in general, as Zena, the novel's central character is forced to confront anti-religious forces."

'Forgotten Word ' was inspired by Sam's own year-long in-depth Bible study. The novel is set inside the Vatican, which has called in Zena McGrath, a detective with an international police organization to aid in the investigation of the death of several of its priests. Zena finds herself in the middle of a tug of war within the church, involving the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, child abuse and the sacred, secretive, and dangerous practice of exorcism. After several twists and turns, the man who called her in to investigate, Cardinal Donatello, a leading exorcist, ends up on trial for the murders, gaining international attention. The ensuing verdict causes an international media firestorm, calling the entirety of religious faith into question, and sees a movement to banish religion take hold.

Critics have compared the book to Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, for exploring the theme of religion, and touching on topics, which are typically taboo. Opining fans of the code will enjoy Sam Jane Brown's book as much as Dan Brown's, Available through: and

Having worked for a leading UK airline, and interacted with thousands of passengers gives her an unparalleled bank of experiences to draw on for inspiration in her writing. 'Forgotten Word' was completed in 2012. She is currently working on her second book. For more information please go to:

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