BWW Review: WAKING IN TIME by Angie Stanton

BWW Review: WAKING IN TIME by Angie Stanton

BWW Review: WAKING IN TIME by Angie Stanton

In the beginning of the book we meet Abbi, the heroine. She has lost her beloved grandmother to cancer recently and is headed to college at the University of Wisconsin Madison, where her grandmother went. As our heroine travels, back in time, (part of the mystery is why) those details of the campus change, sometimes minutely and always accurately.

Stanton did a fantastic job of taking this reader back to his heyday of the early '80's at the dance club Headliners, complete with '80's fashion faux pas. Big hair, giant glasses and tight pants with a lot of zippers marked the era. In the '70's we had the bombing on campus, playing right into Abbi's mystery, and on back we go until we are embroiled in the 1930's.

The author does a fine job of painting landscape for us, weaving a tale of suspense and mystery. Yes, there are relationships. There is the sometimes-flirty professor who is trying to get Abbi back home, there is the mysterious Will who is traveling the opposite direction of Abbi, and there is Colton, the man she left trapped in the present day, decades form Abbi's current reality.

In all honesty, I was more caught up in the mystery than the romance. Why did this keep happening to Abbi? What was the promise she made to her grandmother? Would she ever get back?

I do enjoy a good story no matter for whom it was intended, and this is a good story for readers who enjoy mystery with a touch of romancce.

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