BWW Review: ONE SONG AWAY by Molli Moran

BWW Review: ONE SONG AWAY by Molli Moran

BWW Review: ONE SONG AWAY by Molli MoranWhen I read contemporary fiction, my first genre to choose from features characters who are singers or actors...or, in this case, songwriters. When I heard about upcoming new release ONE SONG AWAY, I immediately wanted to read it, and knew BroadwayWorld fans would as well because it appeals to so many who work or appreciate this industry.

Sophie-Claire is struggling to make her dreams come true. She's living the life in Nashville, but her songs aren't selling. She's broken up with her boyfriend and her roommate had kicked her out. With nothing left, she's forced to leave Nashville and head home to reevaluate her life. What she doesn't anticipated is reuniting with childhood friend Jake. He's always been her secret crush, and when she's forced to invent an imaginary boyfriend to get her mom off her back, he's the first person she turns to. But what happens when living her wish through a lie gets to be too much and she wants something more? Can she throw away all her dreams if her new dreams take her away from what she's always wanted?<

What I like about Sophie-Claire is that she isn't afraid to make mistakes. Life has given her more lemons than it has lemonade, but she doesn't regret any of the things that have shaped her. She's constantly adapting and learning. She's confused about her future and what path to take, but that makes her relatable. I also liked the fact that the romantic relationship in the novel stemmed from childhood friendship. I have a soft spot for those types of novels.

ONE SONG AWAY is lighthearted and didn't have a lot of the dark, depressing subject matter I read more of in contemporary, which can be nice and relaxing when you just want to read and not think too hard! It also didn't overdose on drama, which I always appreciate in contemporary fiction. If you're looking for a straightforward contemporary romance with a focus on family and growing up amid life-altering decisions, ONE SONG AWAY might be just what you're looking for.

ONE SONG AWAY by Molli Moran was published on December 1, 2014.


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