Author Joseph Roccasalvo Celebrates the Greatest Human Emotion in TRIPLE SEC

Author Joseph Roccasalvo Celebrates the Greatest Human Emotion in TRIPLE SEC

Joseph Roccasalvo, author of the novels "Fire in a Windless Place", "Beyond the Pale" and "Chartreuse", returns to the world of literature with "TRIPLE SEC", a collection of three stories that illuminates the depths of the greatest human emotion. Roccasalvo's latest work is peopled by richly drawn characters whose tragedies and triumphs in love unfold to a journey of the heart that readers will not forget.

"The Vital Instinct", the first of the three stories, explores familiar human frailties which can either ruin or strengthen love. Nick is in love with Laura, a woman who is losing her memory. He discovers that one perfume alone is able to let his beloved remember and thus rekindle their dying passion. Nick's pursuit of the rare fragrance will propel him on an arduous journey into Laura's past.

Roccasalvo weaves together romance, suspense and political intrigue in "The Sign of the Archer". Here, readers are introduced to Justin, an archeologist gifted with clairvoyance. When he is recruited to join homeland security, he meets the mysterious and alluring Indonesian model Priya. Together the two become enmeshed in a web of passion and danger as they both seek to safeguard a presidential visit.

Finally, "The Blue Hours" captures the intensity of love when it dares to defy the limits of society and tradition. The story follows a graduate student of journalism who takes as his subject Juro, a renowned Japanese sculptor. In conversations held only at dusk, he learns how the artist discovered his identical twin sister, Mika, after being separated for thirty year and how forbidden love heightens passion at the cost of death.

Deeply affecting and richly poetic, "TRIPLE SEC" captures both the joys and devastations of love as it reveals the instances that can build, destroy or strengthen it. For more information on this book, interested parties may log on to

About the Author
Joseph Roccasalvo followed his graduate degrees in philosophy, English literature, and theology with a Harvard Ph.D. in Comparative Religion and a specialty in Buddhism. He has lived and taught in Boston, Bangkok and Chicago. For ten years in New York City, he was a professor of religious studies at Fordham University's Bronx and Lincoln Center Campus. He was also visiting professor of Buddhism in Lugano, Switzerland.

Now engaged in full-time teaching, he devotes himself to two alliterative loves: prose and pastoral work. A hospital chaplaincy and seven novels ensued: "Fire in a Windless Place", "Beyond the Pale", "Chartreuse", "Portrait of a Woman", "The Devil's Interval", "The Powers that Be", and the "Odor of Sanctity". These were followed by two books of short stories, "Outwards Signs" and "The Mansions of Limbo"; a play, "Waging Waugh", and a memoir, "As It Were".