BWW Interview: Writer Mz. Ice

BWW Interview: Writer Mz. Ice

Mz. Ice may be new when it comes to open readings but is not when it comes to writing.

She's been writing for many years.

Mz.Ice gave us a little time to give me a quick interview.

MCL: When did you first start writing?

MI: About eight years ago

MCL: Do you remember what it was?

MZ: A poem for my son Tony

MCL: What motivates you to write?

MI: Mostly boredom lol, but I guess inspiration

MCL: How do you feel about open mic reading?

MI: I Love it, it's stressful for the shy at heart

MCL: Do you get nervous?

MI: YES (I'm very shy)

MCL: What do you want to write about but cannot seem to put it together?

MI: A book about the past nine years of my life (Tragic)

MCL: Who are some of your writing influences and why?

MI: Well of course you are my biggest; you have such great talent and the greatest imagination. Goodne$$ and Bernice Lee are some great talents as well.

You all inspire me.

MCL: What's your favorite subject matter to write about and why?

MI: Sex lol, it's so pleasurable.

MCL: Time to promote ... Whats coming up for you 2017/2018?

MI:Well for starters I have a ton of unfinished poems and short stories that I need to complete, The book from question number six, I would like to get out more and get some experience /exposure , and hopefully start my book club back up.

I took on all of these projects when I wasn't mentally ready, I think I am now!

MCL: I look forward to 2017/2018 full of beautiful writing!

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