BWW Interview: Singer and Poet Apneah

BWW Interview: Singer and Poet Apneah

Apneah is a singer, songwriter and poet who knows his audience and knows what they like.

This is Apneah:

MCL: When did poetry come into your life?

APNEAH: When I was about 15 years old.

MCL: Please describe your style.

APNEAH: My style is really a formatted compilation of journal entries.

MCL: When did music come into your life?

APNEAH: Music has always been a part of my life since I was a kid. My parents were heavy into Gospel music but the thing that really inspired my musical tasted were believe it or not video game music scores lol.

MCL: Describe your music style?

APNEAH: My style of music is a blend of the lyrical poise of poetry, the soul of hip hop and R and B, with a homage to electronic and pop music.

MCL: What do you write about?

APNEAH: I like to write about my life, and / or subjects that speak for my sub conscience at a spiritual and deeply emotional level

MCL: How personal is your writing?

APNEAH: It is very personal, everything I discuss in my songs are mostly a gut level response to people / situations and or events that have impacted me or others I love.

MCL: How did poetry and music come together?

A[NEAH: Lol, great question. Believe it or not ... I was given a negative reception by the person who inspired me to do music lol. I looked up to this cat and I remember being so nervous sharing my very first poem / song to the one person who I thought would be proud of me and he cut me off before I could finish it.

I was hurt but I realized that the experience of actually writing this piece was very therapeutic. So, I kept writing... for me. Later, some of my peers asked about all the writing I was doing and again I was shot down as they encouraged me to stick to writing instead of performing... it was hilarious... I got credit for writing the second time but I was told to basically write for others. So, I pretty much was hard headed and continued to work and before you know it I had a song catalogue. And people started to listen.

MCL: How do you want an audience to feel after you perform? What do you want them to know about you when they leave?

APNEAH: I want people feel like the songs I perform are for them and that the things I share touch a part of their soul. I want to essential give words to things and experiences that they find it difficult to describe.

I want them to know that I care and that I want them to be inspired. I want them to create a dialogue about the subject matter I discuss that they can take home and share with their friends and families so that they share the beauty of empowerment.

MCL: What are some of the events you performed at and what you enjoyed it?

APNEAH: I performed for the music is art festival a couple a years in a row, locally owned juice bars like Code Blu, Wordizm and Em Tea Coffeecup Cafe, Streetpoetz created by Cee Cee Carson, Pure ink, Buffalo infringement, as well as the Buffalo church of Christ's winter / and summer fest events to name a few

I loved all these venues because I got to meet so many other talented and beautiful people who continue to inspire me with their craft. You are one of those people as well Mark lol.

MCL: What's coming up for you in 2017?

APNEAH: I'm working on a titled album project I hope to have completed in the next few months as well as trying to secure management. I hope to possibly do some traveling and open my fan base by performing for colleges and agencies that promote health and well-being.


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