BWW Interview: Buffalo's Talented Artist Sherri Nestorowich

BWW Interview: Buffalo's Talented Artist Sherri Nestorowich

Sherri Nestorowich is a talented and respected artist in the Buffalo, New York area.

She has been into art since childhood and took a break to answer a few questions on the art world of Sherri.

MCL: When did art start for you?

SN: I have been drawing and painting since about 3 or 4 years old. For me it was a way to calm my mind and get into my own little world. You can then paint or stain it to bring out your etchings.

MCL: Which art form would be your first choice? Why?

SN: I like to paint most of all. The use of the paints and brushes brings me to a very zen type place in my head. There is also a bit of lack of control when the paints sometimes do what they want to do. I enjoy seeing where the paint strokes take me.

MCL: Which is the most difficult? Why?

SN: Painting is more difficult than say digital imaging because there is no erasing. If you are lucky you can paint over a mistake but sometimes it still shows and you just have to accept and incorporate the errors into the work. ( Painter Bob Ross used to call them happy accidents.)

MCL: Any project you've been working on but just can't finish it? If so, why can't you finish it?

SN: Once I start a project I get kind of obsessive in that I work on it constantly til it is finished. I cannot just drop a piece. If I really hate it, it gets trashed, but otherwise it gets finished. Also, I tend to work quickly so the longest art piece I have ever worked on is 5 days.

MCL: Describe your style.

SN: Laid back realistic. I am pretty good natured and that reflects in the work. I try to paint as realistically as possible but I do not get crazy over perfect form or perspective or lighting. You can drive yourself crazy if you do. My art is not a photograph and my focus is more on how I am feeling and how I want to put that feeling into the piece rather than perfecting the image.

MCL: Who are some of your artistic influences?

SN: I enjoy the feeling from Maxfield Parish. His work to me is very joyous and other worldly. I also am a big fan of Bob Ross even though to some in the art world he is looked down upon. I love that he shared the experience of painting for everyone to enjoy. He was always so happy and zen and reflected that in his style. It was also so cool that he worked so quickly and in an hour tv show had an amazing piece of art. I also love Tibetan art and Japanese zen style watercolor art.

I have long followed the Buddhist path and I believe part of discovering it was the Tibetan art that I was exposed to. It called me to look in that direction.

MCL: Have any of your work appeared in any publications?

SN: In addition to doing individual paintings, I have had the opportunity to illustrate several children's books.

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MCL: Time to promote ... What's coming up 2017/2018?

SN: I took a break from art a few years ago and would only rarely do a piece if someone asked. I had been sitting quietly doing art all my life maybe I needed a change. I came across dancing and took it up at 39. It opened me in a new way and it inspired me to create with my body as opposed to being all in my head. I focused on dance for the past almost ten years and made it my main creative outlet. It was actually my teen aged son who got me back into art. He would constantly ask me to start drawing and painting again. I began again by doing some art for him and it re ignited that part of me. So this year my focus is to dive full in to art again in addition to dance. I plan on trying a New Medium for me, sculpture and see what comes out of it.

I also intend to open my self commission work by anyone interested.


The Spade Sage:

The Monster of Lotus Lake:

The Wisdom of the Golden Goose published by Dharma Publishing:,+Low_00000000&2sid=Google_&sourceId=PLGoP79700&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2fet-enz1wIVCJBpCh3eRA5wEAYYASABEgI_VfD_BwE

Two others for self publishing authors,

Jason and the Magic Skipping Stone:

Billy Horton Makes a Change by Georgia Frederic:

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