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BWW Interview: Author SINEAD TYRONE

BWW Interview:  Author SINEAD TYRONE

There are those writers who Love the craft of writing and Author Sinead Tyrone is one of those writers.

She is a highly productive novelist & poet who writes and writes and writes.

And how she was able to find the time to answer a few questions is amazing.

MCL: When did writing first start for you?

ST: I always dreamed of being a writer, but didn't start taking the idea seriously until 2009, when I realized life is short and if I had dreams to follow I better get started.

MCL: You Write poetry and novels. Please let us know the process of each.

ST: Both mediums have a number of ways of approaching them. For me, poems are pretty fast to write, not because I'm rushing through them but because I pretty much know what I want to say from the start. The poems rise out of the depths of my heart, usually I know what concepts or emotions I want to capture in the poem and the words and images flow fairly quickly.

Novels, of course, take much longer. Some people outline their novels before they start. This never works for me; my characters feel too restricted and won't tell me their stories unless I loosen up my approach a bit. I generally know the beginning and the end of a novel. Filling in the rest is a matter of writing scene by scene, following in general where I want to take my characters, but listening to what they want as well. Unlike my poems, in which editing is a quick process, novels require a lot of revision, research, and refinement. I can be stuck on a transition point, moving characters from one setting to the next, for days. And because my characters become a part of my heart, there's a much deeper emotional toll in writing a novel.

MCL: You have a new novel coming out. What's the title?

ST: The Space Between Notes

MCL: What's this new book all about?

ST: It's about a group of musicians ... metal musicians in this case, but it could be any genre ... who have to find their way through the valley of loss. It's about the bond of brotherhood I see in some musicians, the power of music, and the deep passion that draws musicians to choose that as a way of life. Their road is not always easy, but we'd be lost without them!

This book is also unique in that it starts with a poem, each chapter begins with a line from a poem, and after the end of the story there are 60 poems connected with the novel. It's all the same project, and I could not separate the poems from the story. So it's a very creative project, the most creative, passionate thing I've ever done. Whether you're a poetry fan or a fiction lover, this book will appeal.

MCL: What inspired you to this novel?

ST: The novel and poems were inspired by a real group of musicians. I had gone to a concert in 2017, knew some of the back story of what these musicians had been through that year, and was deeply moved by the power and beauty of their show when I knew their tour that year must have been extremely hard to pull off. I was so moved by that show I came home and wrote a poem, and that was the start of the whole project.

MCL: How has music been a big part of your life?

ST: Music has always been a huge presence in my life, from the Beatles right through to now. Sometimes it's a melody, sometimes it's lyrics; either way music has a power to connect with our hearts and speak what our souls most want to communicate but don't know how. At the times when I have felt most alone or most hurt, music has been a faithful companion, a shoulder always there, a beacon to help strengthen me and light my way.

MCL: Who are some of your musical inspirations?

ST: The British Invasion had a huge impact on me, and the music of the 60's in general. The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Traffic, Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Van Morrison, and the Allman Brothers are just a few musicians who have remained favorites over the years. It's hard to list all of the musicians and genres of music that have had an impact on me. I love Irish/Celtic music, classical music, and in the metal field Ronnie James Dio, Doro, Images of Eden, and Savatage and its progressive rock counterpart Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

MCL: Any ideas for your next novel?

ST: You mean my next four? I have a full notebook of ideas for both novels and poetry projects! First up is the third book in my Irish trilogy which started with Walking Through The Mist and Crossing The Lough Between. I also have a poetry/photo collaboration project I've been discussing with a phenomenal photographer, and an idea for a murder mystery book.

MCL: Time to promote ... What's come up for you 2019 - 2020?

ST: I am planning a book release event in early October of this year.

On October 12, 2019, I will be participating in the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library's Indie Author Day.


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