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VIDEO: Brick Theater Will Stream Lisa Fagan's RED CARROTS and CATCHES NO FLIES Tonight at 8pm - Watch Live!

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A double bill of Red Carrots and Catches No Flies premieres today, Thursday, April 23 at 8pm.

Watch the stream below!

Red Carrots

Red Carrots slams upon the plinth of its dance with a sledgehammer, delivering an ear-splitting cacophony, an unruly music, and a shivering quiet; a dance for the anthrophony of this moment. It examines the sound of our physical landscape in a state of destruction, rebuild, a sublime happy sparkle and a crusty shard. Made for four dancers, music and noises, and a suit of marshmallow.

The show originally played January 23-27 2019 at The Brick Theater.

Lisa Fagan: Choreographer, Director, Performer

Lena Engelstein: Performer, Creative contributor

Quincie Hydock: performer

Gwendolyn Knapp: performer

Kegan Zema: sound designer

Patrick Bova: lighting designer

Catches No Flies

Catches No Flies is a new work by choreographer/director Lisa Fagan with collaborators Lena Engelstein and Joanna Warren. An attempt to do something really hard and not getting off the hook. The crack in a piece about Bog People. An idea fractured and re-spawned.

Created by Lisa Fagan

with Lena Engelstein and Joanna Warren

with the voice of Theresa Buchheister and contribution by Magda San Millan

The show originally played January 5-11 2020 at The Brick Theater.


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