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Review: FREESTYLE LOVE SUPREME at the Emerson Colonial is a Masterclass in Improv

Improv never looked so good

Freestyle Love Supreme

Improv comedy is one of the most underappreciated arts forms. It is seen by a lot of people as corny and hard to watch. However, improv is a skill that requires a lot of training in order to be pulled off seamlessly. The cast of Freestyle Love Supreme (now playing at the Emerson Colonial Theater until April 2nd, but continuing to tour the country) proves how incredible improv really can be.

The performance was Emceed by FREESTLYE LOVE SUPREME co-creator Anthony Veneziale (aka Two Touch). Veneziale's main job as Emcee was to collect prompts from the audience. He did an amazing job at engaging the audience and getting them to give answers. Many shows that require audience participation exclude the dress circle and balcony but Veneziale made sure to get responses from across the entire theatre. When rapping he flawlessly included prompts from the audience. The cast changes depending on the performance. At my performance Veneziale was joined by Aneesa Folds, Morgan Reilly, Chris Sullivan, and the special guest was New England native Andrew Bancroft. Each of the performers brought something different to the table and had their moments to shine. Aneesa had incredible rap skills, Reilly had an insanely beautiful voice, Sullivan was a superb beatboxer, and Bancroft had remarkable comedic skills, not just verbally but also physically.

FREESTYLE LOVE SUPREME is truly a groundbreaking piece of art. I dont think it is possible to go to this show and not have a good time.

FREESTYLE LOVE SUPREME runs at the Emerson Colonial Theater now until April 2nd and then continues to tour the US. For tickets and more information visit the FLS website.

Photo by Joan Marcus

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