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Actors without a theater degree from college

Swing | Joined: 6/21/08
So stellalove's topic brought up Norm Lewis. His story is quite remarkable as he didnt go to college for a theater degree. In fact he went for business and advertising, and only took up theater after a cruise ship job.

So, are there any other actors who are similar in their journey to theater, and even more so in their journey to Broadway?
Featured Actor
Featured Actor | Joined: 2/19/08
i'm not positive if John Lloyd Young has a degree in theater as well, but i know he went to brown and majored in business. he told me himself =)
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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend | Joined: 12/24/07
Sutton Foster!!!! She went to Carnegie Mellon for a year, but decided to just jump head first in preforming. And then she won a Tony. And got 2 nominations.

I <3 Sutton. Can't wait to see how Shrek is!

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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend | Joined: 2/20/04
Karen Ziemba was a dance major. She performed in a ballet company while in college.
Broadway Star
Broadway Star | Joined: 7/24/06
Well if you mean just a theatre degree then both Kristin Chenoweth and Audra McDonald have their degrees in voice I believe.
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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend | Joined: 1/2/05
Carolee Carmello has a degree in business administration.
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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend | Joined: 12/17/07
Derrick Baskin (Spelling Bee, Little Mermaid) got his degree in Biology, he told me in a talkback I had with my school on a trip!.

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Understudy | Joined: 8/6/06
Ben Kingsley who is in my opinion one of the the true greats doesn't have a theatre degree. He doesn't have any degree at all. Actually, he was turned away from RADA for being too good if you can believe it. Instead, the then head of acting at RADA set him up with a professional internship.

Really, a lot of the older American actors don't have degrees - at least not BFAs - because those types of programs were very rare when they were coming along. Neither did most of the great American acting teachers. I think Carnegie Mellon and DePaul were the only American schools offering acting degrees before the mid 1960s. I'm not completely sure about this, but I think even theatre studies degrees were few and far between.
Swing | Joined: 2/3/20

dramagirl487 said: "i'm not positive if John Lloyd Young has a degree in theater as well, but i know he went to brown and majored in business. he told me himself =)"

I know a couple of friends who study at the theatre faculty, show off more than talent! It seems that they are already filming in series and advertisements, but it’s sickening to look - some are all “plastic”, what kind of acting is there, fake play.

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