Help needed for contact info for Ellen Show

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I'm am trying to get in touch with a human being connected with the Ellen show on behalf of Oceana (international organization to save marine life). Oceana has teamed up with an olympic champion swimmer to do a fundraiser as he trains for the Olympics this summer. Anyways, we are trying to get him on the Ellen show to talk about Race for the oceans fundraiser. I had a local Atlanta contact with the CBS station in ATL, that helped me get some items donated from Ellen for a big event i planned last year. Unfortunately, my contact has moved. Anyways, I have looked on the Ellen website and have sent emails, but I'm sure they are going to the large group of fan mails. If anyone has a phone number for the TV studios where Ellen is filmed, or any other suggestions I would appreciate it, and so would all the creatures of the deep blue sea:)