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YF lottery

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YF lottery#1
Posted: 2/11/08 at 9:16pm
Hey, me and 2 of my friends are trying the lotto on April 5th (a mat on Saturday) We are on a trip with 8 people (including me and my two friends) who will all enter, but we just need 3 tickets. Do you think we will be able to get three tickets, and what is the way we can increase our chances of winning all three? Thanks, and serious answers only!
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re: YF lottery#2
Posted: 2/11/08 at 9:17pm
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re: YF lottery#2
Posted: 2/11/08 at 9:31pm
I remember trying the lottery a while back with three other people and none of us won. There's really not much you can do except hope that you get lucky. One thing you should know is they seemed pretty strict about buying the number of tickets you put on the lottery card- no more and no less- so I'd be careful.
Best of luck though!
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re: YF lottery#3
Posted: 2/11/08 at 10:15pm
I think lately they've been offering dress circle or balcony seats to the people who didn't win the lottery at the lottery price of $26.50, so even if you don't win the lottery you can still get in to see the show on the cheap side.
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re: YF lottery#4
Posted: 2/11/08 at 11:47pm
I haven't actually tried it, but apparently sometimes it is an easy win, sometimes it isn't. The weather is horrible right now, so less people may be taking advantage of lotto. It might be more difficult in April when it starts getting warmer.

There is no sure way of winning (and you may only win up to 2 tickets per person, so one of your friends might end up without a ticket). Bring some other friends who don't want to see the show, if you can, and have them help you win the lotto.
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re: YF lottery#5
Posted: 2/12/08 at 10:40am
Good luck! I hope you win!
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re: YF lottery#6
Posted: 2/12/08 at 12:20pm
"I haven't actually tried it, but apparently sometimes it is an easy win, sometimes it isn't. The weather is horrible right now, so less people may be taking advantage of lotto. It might be more difficult in April when it starts getting warmer."

You have that backwards. Usually when the weather is bad, the lottos are packed (since people seem to think no one would show up, they ALL do). Once it gets warmer, people will do more outdoor stuff that they couldn't do during the winter, so the lotteries won't be as packed (initially, anyway...once the warm weather continues the lottos will regain their crowds).
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re: YF lottery#7
Posted: 2/12/08 at 2:41pm
Fosse, that's not always the case. With YF, the lotto is inside, so people will wait. But for shows like AVENUE Q, WICKED, and the like, people are not going to want to wait in this snow thing we've got going on right now. It'll probably be very easy to win today. Too bad I'm working.
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re: YF lottery#8
Posted: 2/12/08 at 3:43pm
Actually the most people I've seen at the Wicked lottery in a long time was a few weeks ago during the insane coldness we had going on. The snow probably won't bother it much since it's under cover.
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