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Our Very Own (film)

Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
Our Very Own (film)#1
Posted: 8/14/07 at 4:25pm
Saw Alison Janney mention this on Ellen about a month ago and put it in my NetFlix cue. Really good movie with a great ensemble cast. One of those surprise "low on the radar" kind of films that just make you feel good.

Kieth Carradine
Alison Janney
Jason Ritter
Faith Prince
Beth Grant

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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
re: Our Very Own (film)#2
Posted: 8/14/07 at 4:50pm
There is also a melodramatic cautionary tale (remember those?) from circa 1950 called Our Very Own and I can't remember the stars (maybe Jeanne Crain?), but the plot concerns a young woman who discovers that she is adopted.

She seeks out her birth mother to find out the woman is a poverty-stricken slattern who doesn't wear make-up.

Moral: don't seek out your birth parents.

This is a real sob-story piece of garbage. Go ahead and watch it.
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