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Popular Music and Theatre

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Popular Music and Theatre#0
Posted: 12/10/03 at 9:56pm
There was Beatlemania, the Who's TOMMY, Queen found a musical, Billy Joel is a hit on 46th, and there's talk of Elvis and John Lennon on the way ... So what band / popular songwriter's work do you want to have on stage one day?

Me? The Clash and Radiohead. Just picture "Paranoid Android" as an Act I closer.
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Broadway Legend
re: Popular Music and Theatre#1
Posted: 12/10/03 at 10:09pm
Even though he's written Broadway musicals, I'd love a show with Elton John songs. He has written some fantastic stuff that I can see translating well to a theater environment.
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re: re: Popular Music and Theatre#2
Posted: 12/10/03 at 10:52pm
>Cyndi Lauper
>The B-52's
>And something based on the song "Video Killed the Radio Star" would be an interesting story line about how Television and thereby Pop Culture took over in the 80's, and hence brought us to where we are today...not necessarily good. The story could span the past 2 and a half decades. re: re: Popular Music and Theatre
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