Moments in shows that make you cry

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Moments in shows that make you cry#0
Posted: 2/10/06 at 2:10am
i know there have probably been threads like this, but here goes another one:

so what moments in shows make you cry?

for me its after logaine loses her word in "SPELLING BEE" and her goodbye song, right after she hugs Mitch Mahoney---it just gets me every time!
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re: Moments in shows that make you cry#1
Posted: 2/10/06 at 3:14am
Most of 'Parade'...
"...But Kungurtseva reels off multiple fouettes and the tape is stopped so she can take a bow. The Jester, an abomination introduced to Swan Lake in Soviet times, extorts applause from the audience. The cuts don't help the storytelling, the production is bare bones and they go for the '50s-style happy ending. The audience cheers like mad at the end. It's the Russian ballet, after all..."
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re: Moments in shows that make you cry#2
Posted: 2/10/06 at 3:23am
Hmmm.. Les Mis -- When I finally saw it for the first time in London last year, I had tears when first Fantine, then Gavroche and finally Eponine died; I got choked up when John Owen Jones as Valjean sang "Bring Him Home," and at the end when he is dying, the tears really flowed.

I remember being teary at the end of Camelot when I saw it with Richard Burton in Lincoln Center. Same with The King and I when I saw that revival with Yul Brynner.
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re: Moments in shows that make you cry#3
Posted: 2/10/06 at 3:27am
The end of Sweet Charity is heartbreaking.
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re: Moments in shows that make you cry#4
Posted: 2/10/06 at 3:33am
Christina Applegate made me cry so hard during "Where Am I Going?". I totally understood every feeling that was going through her heart during that song.

I also cried during "Fable" from The LightIn The Piazza.

and Rent made me dry because i wasted 2 and half hours of my life
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re: Moments in shows that make you cry#5
Posted: 2/10/06 at 3:52am
Ok some of these are rediculous, I confess...but some of them dealt with what was going on in my life.

Days of Plenty (Little Women)- I mean Maureen's voice is amazing, Sutton looked so sad, and Beth was dead!

Chino shooting Tony (WSS)- It's realy powerful when you are in the show, plus at least when I did it there was an immediate light change at the sound of the gun to all red lights. The emotional tone was amazingly different once the lights changed.

The entire second half of Rent-I realized that I was just like Mark, and that detaching myself from parts of life is no way to Angel dying is pretty pivotal.

Somewhere That's Green (LSOH)-I saw the tour last year and the acting was so endearing and brought me so close to the character.
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re: Moments in shows that make you cry#6
Posted: 2/10/06 at 5:39am
Two moments in THE KING AND I:

* "Something Wonderful" - because the song is just SO beautiful

* And also "The Final Ultimo" - when the King dies. It is done so beautifully. The new king takes over, the old king dies peacefully, the music ("Something Wonderful") takes over, and only Anna sees that the King has died and kneels beside his bed to say goodbye to him.

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re: Moments in shows that make you cry#7
Posted: 2/10/06 at 6:05am
The finale in Carousel at Billy Bigelow's daughter graduation when Billy (who no one can see as he is dead) tells his daughter to "believe" and then goes to Julie to let her know that he had always loved her as the entire cast are singing "You'll Never Walk Alone" as Billy returns to heaven with the Starkeeper. Shmaltz to happily blubber over!
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re: Moments in shows that make you cry#8
Posted: 2/10/06 at 6:21am
Out of everything I have seen, the only thing in live theatre that brought me to tears happened on the second viewing of "The Light in the Piazza". I had gone opening night and had gotten quite accustomed to the score through repeated listenings. The second time I went, things were status quo and I was able to process new ideas, etc. Well, when Margaret launched into "The Beauty Is" reprise, it really hit me how much of a heartbreaking moment that is for the character - and her most revealing and personal moment in the entire show, with all of her pent-up regrets and hang-ups over the incident with Clara coming at the audience with full force. It was relevatory to me in understanding the character of Margaret as fully as possible and Victoria Clark's acting was so genuine and real that it tipped the scales and I just let loose.
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re: Moments in shows that make you cry#9
Posted: 2/10/06 at 6:53am
During "Without You" from RENT - the Angel/Collins part- I NEVER look anywhere else on that stage besides at that pair.
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re: Moments in shows that make you cry#10
Posted: 2/10/06 at 7:07am
I think an easier question would be moments in shows that DON'T make me cry re: Moments in shows that make you cry
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re: Moments in shows that make you cry#11
Posted: 2/10/06 at 7:37am
First time i saw Les Miz, I knew Eponine would die, I just didnt expect there to be so much blood.

Then in Wicked at the end, I know, I know. Phantom at the Royal Empire Theatre
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re: Moments in shows that make you cry#12
Posted: 2/10/06 at 9:22am
The Finale of Les Mis got to me. Also, the final moments of Virginia Woolf--shattering.
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re: Moments in shows that make you cry#13
Posted: 2/10/06 at 9:24am
"I think an easier question would be moments in shows that DON'T make me cry"

I'm with you on that one Kitzarina!
The one moment that gets me every time is the very end of Phantom, with the music box playing "Masquarade" very slowly, the phantom diappears, and Meg pulls back the cloak to reveal the mask alone on the chair.

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re: Moments in shows that make you cry#14
Posted: 2/10/06 at 9:36am
These are not necessarily all "sad" points in shows...but just out of pure happiness/excitement/love for the shows, i totally could almost cry (or at least get goosebumps) at:

-the minute the curtain opens in Hairspray and the drum beat of "Good Morning Baltimore" starts
-"Little Fall of Rain"(Les Mis)...the beginning and the end
-The very end of the opening number of "Ragtime" when everyone is singing the beautiful harmonies on "It was the music of something beginning, an era exploding, a century spinning..."
-"Any Dream Will Do" finale of "Joseph"...because it brings back personal memories of being in the show :)
-During "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" when his friends enter behind him, because he's remembering them since they just died...oh MAN it gets me!
-"I'm Dancing and I Can't Be Bothered Now" from "Crazy For You"...again for memory reasons:)
-the very first sound you hear in "Into the Woods"...that "ba-dum" of the drum...LOVE it
-in "Rent", during that Gordon's solo, "reason says i should've died 3 years ago.."
-"Tradition" during Fiddler...again something about a show starting just makes me so happy i could almost cry!
-the harmonies during "We Dance" at the end when the orchestra drops out (Once on this Island)
-cliche, but definitely "For Good" (Wicked)..and also the whole sequence when Elphaba is secretly leaving and Glinda thinks she is dead...i mean, that sucks! i just want her to tell Glinda!
-the entire song "I Wish I Could go Back to College" (Avenue Q)...exactly my life right now

for now that's it :)
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re: Moments in shows that make you cry#15
Posted: 2/10/06 at 9:52am
All of "Being Alive" in Company
Sometimes "I'll Cover You: Reprise" in RENT
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re: Moments in shows that make you cry#16
Posted: 2/10/06 at 10:00am
Bui Doi from "Miss Saigon": a surefire tear jerker
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re: Moments in shows that make you cry#17
Posted: 2/10/06 at 10:03am
At the end of Phantom of the Opera when Erik is sitting alone with the music box singing the "Masquerade" verse.
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re: Moments in shows that make you cry#18
Posted: 2/10/06 at 10:10am
-"I'll Cover You (Reprise)" from Rent (and pretty much continuously through the end of the show)
-The short reprise of Masquerade at the end of Phantom of the Opera and the, "You alone can make my song take flight / It's over now, the music of the night."
-"'Til We Reach That Day" from Ragtime
-"No One Is Alone" from Into the Woods
-"Why" from Tick, Tick... BOOM!
-If well-acted, Dorothy's "Over the Rainbow" reprise in The Wizard of Oz

...Yep, I'm definitely a crier.
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re: Moments in shows that make you cry#19
Posted: 2/10/06 at 10:18am
I have so many as well but my top list would be :

-The very end of Miss Saigon while Chris is olding kim, Hellen is olding tam as she becomes his new mom while the curtain is going down.
-The End of the first act of the Beautiful Game in London with the empty stage with a coffin in the midle, the rain and just drums.
-The end of Passion when Fosca's last letter is read.
-Loose Ends from the Witches of Eastwick, God Maria Friedman was excellent in that show.
-Blood brothers with the twins on the floor and their mom joining their hands.

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re: Moments in shows that make you cry#20
Posted: 2/10/06 at 10:26am
WSS - after the fury of A Boy Like That, when Maria sings "I have a love and it's all that I need, right or wrong and he needs me too". I've never made it through "When love comes so strong, there is no right or wrong; your love is your love" without a handkerchief
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re: Moments in shows that make you cry#21
Posted: 2/10/06 at 10:34am
THe beginning of Lion King.

The ending of Wicked, so cool and so powerful and moving.

Nobody needs to know in the last 5 years.

There's a fine, fine line from Avenue Q.

There are soooo many more though!!
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re: Moments in shows that make you cry#22
Posted: 2/10/06 at 10:36am
RENT - "I'll Cover You: Reprise" If sung by the right guy. Namely Marcus Paul James or Mark Richard Ford.

Les Miz - For some reason when I hear Ruthie sing "If there's a god above/ He'd let me die instead" during her arrest it gets me.

Little Shop - "Somewhere that's Green" is so heartbreaking, especially if you know the show.

Into the Woods - "No One is Alone"

Hairspray - "I Know Where I've Been"
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re: Moments in shows that make you cry#23
Posted: 2/10/06 at 10:37am
There should definately be a SPOILER in the title of this thread. Thanks for ruining Spelling Bee :)
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re: Moments in shows that make you cry#24
Posted: 2/10/06 at 10:42am
Also "I Wish I could go Back to College" pulls at my heartstrings everytime *even though I'm still not even out of high school yet!* still sad though....