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JRB newsletter#0
Posted: 12/24/05 at 4:45pm
Hello, most wonderful people!

This e-mail represents a milestone: it is the final e-mail I will send to this list from the address. If you have not already signed up for the mailing list, you can go right to and put your e-mail address in the little box and then you'll get a confirmation e-mail shortly thereafter. So if you want to keep in touch with me about all happenings JRB, then make sure you're signed up for the new mailing list. (Most of you already are, but there are a couple thousand slackers out there.)

Now that that bit of business is over, allow me to apologize for being out of touch since September. It's been a wonderful and exhausting year, and those of you wondering why I haven't been in touch for the last three months may be relieved to find out that I've been traveling to Kansas City, San Antonio, New York, Los Angeles, and London; performing with Emily Skinner, Julia Murney, Lauren Kennedy, Frances Ruffelle, Joanna Riding, Eric Marienthal, Katie Marienthal, Tierney Sutton, Jessica Molaskey, a big black drummer with dreads named Bubba, forty students from the Boston University School of Music, sixteen students from the Royal Academy of Music, the ten best theater singers in the city of Boston, and the legendary Caucasian Rhythm Kings; and appearing on Ned Sherrin's show on the BBC and Jonathan Schwartz's Christmas show on XM Satellite Radio. My "Chanukah Suite" for chorus was premiered by the Los Angeles Master Chorale at Disney Hall. Also, I've been finishing up my semester teaching at USC (I start again on January 9, teaching composition for musical theater), writing songs for my shows, working on my next album, and ... something else, I know I'm forgetting something.

Oh, right, we had an adorable, precious and undoubtedly musical baby girl. Anybody wanna babysit?

So it's been an amazingly busy and extraordinarily wonderful year, and 2006 looks to be just as exciting, especially if my wife and I can ever get to sleep. Here's a couple of things I can tell you about now, but I'll send you a more detailed e-mail from the new website just after the first of the year:

The anthology "Songs of Jason Robert Brown" is currently scheduled to be released by Hal Leonard Music Publishing on February 15! The songs included are: Stars and the Moon, Just One Step, I'm Not Afraid of Anything, Hear My Song, The Old Red Hills of Home, You Don't Know This Man, All The Wasted Time, The Picture Show, Moving Too Fast, A Summer in Ohio, The Next Ten Minutes, See I'm Smiling, Mr. Hopalong Heartbreak, It Don't Get Better Than This, And I Will Follow, Letting You Go, Dreaming Wide Awake, If I Told You Now, Someone to Fall Back On, Getting Out, I Could Be In Love With Someone Like You, Nothing In Common, Coming Together, and Grow Old With Me. (Whew!)

The Center Theater Group of Los Angeles is producing a workshop of my new show, "13", written with Dan Elish and directed by Todd Graff. We go into rehearsal at the end of January for a three-week process; casting starts in two weeks! We should probably finish writing the show.

Reprise!, the L.A. musical theater producing entity, is doing a one-night-only concert of "The Last Five Years" on January 30 at UCLA's Freud Playhouse, as part of their Marvelous Musical Mondays series. Playing the role of Jamie will be ... me. Playing the role of Cathy will be... well, I hoped to be able to tell you that in this e-mail, but it's not settled yet. You can go to for details on buying tickets etc.

I'm doing a crazy week of masterclasses in January: Otterbein College in Columbus OH on 1/20, Baldwin-Wallace in Cleveland OH on 1/21, and Oklahoma City University on 1/24.

Several of my songs will be performed alongside my piano sonata "Mr. Broadway" at Symphony Space on February 2. It's a very groovy program, focussing on writers who create work for the musical theater as well as the concert hall; the other featured writers are George Gershwin, Vernon Duke and Stephen Schwartz (whoever they are), and the performers include Shoshana Bean, Darius de Haas, Judy Blazer, Rebecca Luker, Emily Skinner, Ron Raines, the Ying Quartet, and Joshua Rosenblum. The entire evening is hosted by Rob Fisher, and it really sucks that I won't be able to make it because it sounds ultra-cool, but if you can go, just check it out at .

Upcoming concerts: February 26 in Ventura, CA; March 4 in Alberta, Canada; April 1 in Syracuse. And we're negotiating right now about Springfield, MO; Chicago, IL; Philadelphia, PA; Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY; and Las Vegas, NV. So keep your ears peeled. We've got lots of news coming, as well as plenty of masterclasses and lectures in the months ahead.

It's always worth pointing out for you last-minute (or later) gift-givers that the works of Jason Robert Brown can be enjoyed by man, woman, or beast, and are available at all fine Internet portals such as , , and .

And of course, finally, will be going live sometime in January. If it doesn't, you should write to Ivan Askwith at , and register your displeasure. Once you see it, though, you'll want to write to him and tell him how gorgeous it is; we're setting up a really great site, very informative and entertaining. You'll get a message about that when it's ready to go. And those of you Friendster freaks, I'm always happy to hear from you too. (I suppose I should do a MySpace thing one of these days, but I just can't get excited about it yet.)

So that's some of what's been going on with me. I hope you all have a sensational holiday and a magnificent New Year, and I look forward to seeing you and hearing from you all in 2006!

All best,
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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
re: JRB newsletter#1
Posted: 12/25/05 at 1:19am
I saw Mr. Brown in a small concert recently in California. He began with an insult to the theatre he was performing in - and he never got me 'on his side' from that point on. A talented pianist, but his whiny lyrics and repetitive 'melodies' leave me absolutely cold. And someone needs to point out that he doesn't necessarily have to believe his own press releases.