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re: Live From Lincoln Center: Camelot, airs this Thursday on PBS  May 15 2008, 08:02:36 AM
InfiniteGirl - I guess I missed it also. I finally had a chance to watch it on DVR this week and OY, was I shocked. Where was The Joust? Why that awful, choreographed balletish fight scene instead of the fun joust song sang by the chorus(a la Ascot in My Fair Lady)? I've seen a lot of productions of this show and been in a couple, myself, and never saw or heard that Morgan Le Fey scene - and I think I know why.
I feel sorry for everyone connected with this production - it happens to be one

re: PARADE in Los Angeles  May 7 2008, 05:05:47 PM
Break a leg with this one - it's one of my favorite shows and a truly brilliant piece of work. I hope the production runs flawlessly.

re: Live From Lincoln Center: Camelot, airs this Thursday on PBS  May 6 2008, 07:41:44 AM
I, too, am looking forward to this production - my first professional show was Camelot and I have great memories of how it felt to sing that great music. My only reservations about this (or any recent production, for that matter,) is WHY do they cast people lightyears older than the characters? At the beginning of the play, Arthur is approximately 16 years old (along with Guenevere)...just never made sense to me. But I AM looking forward to hearing this glorious score sung by such talented peo

re: Review: Last 5 Years in Connecticut  Apr 7 2008, 09:21:34 AM
Just wanted to bump this up so that more viewers will have a chance to know about this production - I hope you all get to see it - its really amazing.

Review: Last 5 Years in Connecticut  Apr 6 2008, 09:36:43 PM
As many of you may or may not know, Music Theatre of Connecticut's Mainstage program is presenting Jason Robert Brown's The Last Five Years through April 13. I had the great pleasure of attending a performance last night, and I was blown away. Kristin Huffman and Rob Sutton were absolutely stellar as the star crossed lovers of this wonderful piece. It's been a while since I was totally engrossed in every detail of a production, and I'm here to tell you: Get thee to the theatre, if you want to

re: COMPANY's Kristin Huffman and 'ActorQuest'  Apr 4 2008, 10:08:17 AM
For anyone who is a fan of Kristin and/or her writing - I'm giving her a shameless plug today by letting you all know that she is currently appearing in The Last Five Years in Connecticut at MTC (Music Theatre of Connecticut) Mainstage, April 4 through the 13th. Here is a link to the Flyer for the show:

re: Victoria Clark in JUNO at City Center  Dec 4 2007, 09:37:42 AM
I do hope this is true - we've had our season tickets for several months now, and I am a huge Victoria Clark fan - I'm listening to her CD right now - How can I keep from singing is such a beautiful opener. I hope her career continues to rise magesticly - she is a consumate performer.

re: Andrea McArdle  Jul 14 2007, 02:23:23 PM
I had the great pleaseure of working with her in the early '90s, and she was a joy to be around. She was (and is) absolutely beautiful, had a phenomenal body, sang the hell out of everything she did in the show, and was incredibly kind to the cast both on and off stage. I admire her a lot and hope that whatever she has going on in the near future, that it will be very successful for her.

re: Sweeney Todd movie sneaks?  Jul 14 2007, 02:20:04 PM
All I can say is this - having seen the new Harry Potter film yesterday, I think we got a great preview of how Lovett will be portrayed, watching Helena Bonham Carter. She was awesome.

re: Gypsy  Jul 12 2007, 07:44:07 AM
I found this production of Gypsy to be really refreshing. The pace was wonderful - it moved along at quite a clip, and never felt weighed down to me. I had never seen Laura Benanti, so I was really pleasantly surprised at how well she handled the transition from gawky teen to beauty queen...and yes, her "Little Lamb" was the best I've heard. I was truly touched by that number. Lupone was fantastic as usual, and I really enjoyed the staging. All in all, a great performance, in my book.

re: Worst Lyrics in a musical theatre song  Jun 15 2007, 08:14:59 AM
There are bridges you cross
You didn't know you crossed
Until you've crossed

re: Casting information, Please?  May 5 2007, 06:05:18 PM
Thanks, you two - seems I knew that but had just forgotten - thanks for the reminder.

Casting information, Please?  May 5 2007, 02:28:56 PM
Does anyone know, off hand, which agency is casting the up-coming London-to-New York transfer of Sunday in the Park with George? I'd appreciate it, thanks in advance.

re: Best and/ or your favourite Beadle Bamford  Apr 7 2007, 08:15:42 AM
Wayne Pretlow, who, by the way, does the Luthor Vandross version of Superstar better than Luthor ever could have. (no offense to luthor lovers - I loved him, too)

re: Working on Cruise Ships  Mar 30 2007, 06:58:41 PM
When I did it, it was a million years ago (oh, allright, Seventeen years!) was a small ship and the production values weren't very good - but it was fun and I'd do it again in a heartbeat if I wasn't in a relationship and 45 years old. I really had a great time on that ship and loved being in the sun, getting to travel and see new places and meet new people.
If you can get in with a good production company, you can have a lot of fun, I believe.

re: Happy Birthday Sondheim :)  Mar 22 2007, 06:41:05 PM
I celebrated by auditioning for the upcoming transfer of Sunday in the Park with George.
Thank you for writing it, Mr. Sondheim - you've created a true masterpiece of modern American Theatre. Happy Birthday!

re: Nothing like a DAME...ouch.  Mar 20 2007, 07:08:46 AM
Sure, there were some technical flaws - but I'm assuming these kinds of benefits are done on a shoestring budget and with little-to-no rehearsal. I found the talent, on the whole, to be quite good, and had a blast. Loved the Operal performance - I'd never of that singer or that piece, since I'm not much of an opera afficianado, but I really liked her voice and the performance - and I might never have been exposed to that, had I not gone. I don't see how people can complain about shows like thi

re: Steel Pier  Mar 19 2007, 08:56:18 AM
I found many things about it quite likeable - especially some of the performances (Debra Monk, Kristin C, Karen Z),,,but it was a lackluster book, unfortunately.

re: What is Laura Griffith up to?  Feb 22 2007, 09:13:31 AM
Fantastic - thank you!...I knew I'd heard she was doing the tour - then when I checked the website - no mention of her - so I was a bit confused. Congrats, Laura, on the Nomination - you really deserve it!

re: Richard Harris live in CAMELOT being released on DVD  Feb 22 2007, 08:11:45 AM
Thor Fields is a friend of mine and is no longer in the acting end of the business - he now plays lead guitar in a band called Led Blimpie -
I would get this just to see his performance.

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