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Golda's Balcony

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Alex the Cat
Golda's Balcony#0
Posted: 11/9/03 at 3:20pm
Has anyone else here seen this? I saw it last night, and Tovah Feldshuh gave what was probably the single most thrilling and amazing performance I've ever seen in a theater. I've never seen someone so totally transform themselves into a character.

First I'll say I wasn't prepared for the special effects. We were in the center of the second row, and the theater is quiet when Ms. Feldshuh walks onstage as the show opens... then there are huge explosions and flashes of light which are very realistic- scared the living $%&* out of me!

The show does bounce around a lot between time periods and can be hard to follow at times if you don't already know the story, which I only knew bits and pieces of. But Feldshuh's performance is so incredibly authentic- being close enough to see her eyes and feel the passion she pours into the role was overwhelming. It is almost relentlessly emotional and often difficult to listen to; by halfway through the show there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Within the first few minutes you forget that you're watching someone playing a role, and feel that you're really watching and listening to Golda Meir. Knowing that all the events are true and the personal meaning they have to me made it that much more difficult to watch- I was literally emotionally drained at the end of the show.

The show does not gloss over mistakes Golda made in her personal or political lives- she is portrayed as a real person who's not perfect and sometimes made bad decisions on both fronts. Fortunately there are a few moments of humor as well, and it ends on a note of hope.

If you're looking for a happy, upbeat show this may not be for you. But, if you want to see someone give the performance of a lifetime and maybe learn something in the process, then as the ads say 'You must see this show!'.
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Broadway Legend
re: Golda's Balcony#1
Posted: 11/9/03 at 4:56pm
I saw "Golda's Balcony" off Broadway this summer. I was also blown away by her performance. I had just seen "I Am My Own Wife" and I remember thinking I'd seen the best male and female performances of my life. I agree with the effect the play has on your nerves. You definitely need a drink after this show. I am hoping Tovah Feldshuh wins a Tony award, it truly is the role of her lifetime.
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re: Golda's Balcony#2
Posted: 11/11/03 at 9:25am
I agree with you 100% Tovah Feldshuh completely embodied the character of Golda Meir (sp?) My jaw just dropped open to see her transformed into Golda's body and persona. This is such an interesting true story. I would recommend it to anyone.
Updated On: 3/8/04 at 09:25 AM
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re: re: Golda's Balcony#3
Posted: 3/8/04 at 5:30pm
I was very moved by this show.Ms Feldshuh is a force of nature! She came out after for the BC/EFA bucket passing & told some great jokes & signed programs for $20. Her performance is a gift!
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re: re: re: Golda's Balcony#4
Posted: 3/8/04 at 9:26pm
She won a Drama Desk Award for her show off broadway.
Tovah is an incredible actress and an even better singer.
But her best gift is speeches. Her Drama Desk speech was the highlight of the show last year.
She also gave a great speech at Broadway Bears.
The woman is hilarious.
Tovah rocks.
Updated On: 3/8/04 at 09:26 PM