Les Mis YA Production Pics

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Les Mis YA Production Pics#0
Posted: 5/5/04 at 5:52am
Well I was excited to see that the theatre where I did tech for les mis last summer finally got some production pictures up. I added them to my fan photos https://www.broadwayworld.com/photo2.cfm?id=son%5Fof%5Fa%5Fgunn%5F25https://www.broadwayworld.com/photo2.cfm?id=son%5Fof%5Fa%5Fgunn%5F25>https://www.broadwayworld.com/photo2.cfm?id=son%5Fof%5Fa%5Fgunn%5F25 If you would like to see some better quality pictures along with some pictures from other shows done at this theatre check out this link. http://www.footlite.org/Content/photos.htmhttp://www.footlite.org/Content/photos.htm>http://www.footlite.org/Content/photos.htm You'll have to scroll down to find them. This was cast was entirely made up of high school students from Indianapolis and the surrounding counties. The theatre is a relatively small community theatre. Lillace91 was in this production so you might spot her in a few of the photos. I was excited and thought I'd share since I thought they did an amazing job. Les Mis YA Production Pics
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