Help finding a scene for 2f for class?

Help finding a scene for 2f for class?#1
Posted: 10/24/19 at 11:02am

Hi all! In my acting class I need to choose a 5 minute scene from a play for me and my partner (who is kind of pinning the choosing of the play on me).

I can play 16-25 and my type is very much quirky/best friend/edgy. I have a short pixie cut and usually play queer or male roles.

My partner can play 40s-60s and usually plays domineering mother, or sassy friend, usually the woman in charge.

I really want to stay away from any mother/daughter stuff, unless it's really compelling or fits both our types. I think it'd be fun for us to play best friends, but I need a scene/play where that's believable. But really, at this point, anything is good, I'm desperate! Thank you! <3

Updated On: 10/24/19 at 11:02 AM