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Broadway trip - Times Square/midtown hotels with no resort fees- Page 3

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@Nealb1, the Hilton Millennium Times Square DOES have a resort fee.  I booked a room last month for April and the fee is included.  The fee is $25 a night.  They call it an "urban destination fee."  I believe other Hilton properties in the Times Square Region have started adding this fee.  

Hilton's website states the following when discussing it:  "Daily Mandatory Charge will be added to the room rate and includes: Urban Destination Charge with premium internet access; streaming movies; Club fitness facility access; discount coupons for shopping and tour attraction; local, long-distance, and international calls."

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That's too bad.  Upon check in, I would ask to speak to the Front Desk Manager and ask for it to be waived as you more than likely won't be using any of those services. 

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The Millennium Times Square Is a new Hilton acquisition and my guess that since this location already charged a resort fee, Hilton kept up this practice. As I said previously, when I stayed at the Hilton in Brooklyn, they started charging resort fees mid-stay but I was able to get it waived, likely because I am a Diamond member and because it wasn’t explained to me when I checked in (I had 2 back-to-back reservations and they were trying to apply the fee to the second reservation). They did tell me more Hiltons will be charging this fee in the future, but as far as I can tell, most aren’t right now.
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220Basswood said:

I can't speak to the other properties but the Paramount does charge a fee. if you book through a place like Orbitz, or it will be listed as a fee paid to the hotel directly or a destination fee.If you book directly on Paramount's website it is called the "facility fee" and appears on the checkout page. Here is what the facility fee includes. I have cut and pasted from the hotel's website.

The Paramount Hotel has a mandatory Facilities Fee of $35 plus tax per room, per night, providing guests with the following inclusive services, amenities and added value offerings:

• WiFi access in public areas and guestrooms for unlimited devices
• 24/7 access to the Fitness Center located on the 2nd floor
• Paramount Pass, offering a variety of discounts to restaurants, cafes, and attractions
• All local, long distance, and international phone calls
• Internet access and printing services at the Business Center
• Unlimited access to filtered hot and cold water
• STAYCAST™ in-room streaming from your personal device. Ability to cast Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, etc from your phone to your TV.
• 15% off all food and beverage at Paramount Café & Bar by showing your room key
• 10% off all Hamilton merchandise

*The Facilities Fee does not include service gratuity


The best one is unlimited access to filtered not and cold water. I stayed there once and was unwittingly charged the fee. The desk clerk said only that they were taking a refundable deposit for incidentals. So I had the card issued dispute the charge and it was returned.

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I stayed at the Martinique in Koreatown. It’s a Hilton property that doesn’t charge a fee. Yet.
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The Stewart Hotel across from Penn Station/Madison Square Garden charges a fee, but... staying here for 15 days at $113 per night for a one bedroom suite with a kitchen. The hotel fee is $32/night but when you factor in the fee, it’s still a great price.

I did prepay for my stay and had a discount code.



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theater245 said: "None of the Hilton hotels have resort fees and a lot of them have free breakfast, making Hilton a great value choice.

I recently stayed at Embassy Suites on 37th and 6th. No resort fee and free breakfast! Other Hilton hotels that may not be so obviously Hilton to check out include Garden Inn, Hampton and Doubletree.

There are only a very few Hilton properties but there are some. The Renwick Hotel in theCurio Collection by Hilton charges a destination fee. Also, the Hilton Times Square does as well. To Hilton’s credit, the fee is clearly disclosed in their Honors rewards app. It is the first item after the property description at the top of the property’s page and is in contrasting color. 

The Trio Advisor list is very helpful when comparing. Also, is very clear about destination/resort fees. I do wish they would include them in their full price. You still have to do the math and recalculate in your head their lists by price to account for them, but at least they tell you before you start the booking process. 

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I still stand by my favorite, tiny-rooms-yet-wonderful Pod Times Square. The location is absolutely pluperfect for theatergoers. No Times Square noisy crowds. Very clean, tons of wi-fi options and great staff. I'll be hopping literally a few feet away to see Little Shop Of Horrors.
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Resort fees stink, it's a bold face cash grab.

That being said, for similar properties I'll always stay at the $200 hotel with a $25 resort fee over the $240 hotel with no fees.


It's all about the bottom line.  I don't care about how the property does their accounting.