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Randy Graff on The Phil Donahue Show  Oct 18 2020, 11:57:37 PM
You should check out the show where he had the entire cast of A Chorus Line.

Coors "Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin"  Sep 22 2020, 04:43:16 PM
According to this it’s Gordon McRae:

Streamed theater that you’ve actually enjoyed?  Jul 19 2020, 06:01:43 AM
Heroes almost worked better streaming than as a live show.

I also enjoyed Amadeus, but that is a full production.

Nick Cordero Theatre  Jul 8 2020, 06:42:38 PM
Maybe the McNally Cordero Theatre ala the McGinn Cazale Theatre.

Ryan Murphy's HOLLYWOOD on Netflix  May 4 2020, 03:25:40 AM
2 episodes in and what a sanitized, bowdlerized, whitewashed depiction of this time. It really doesn’t do justice to how institutionalized and vicious the racism and homophobia of this time was (and still is in a lot of places). And the hypocrisy of the people that ran Hollywood. Not to mention this was the era of HUAC and the blacklist. It makes it look like with a little persistence and pluck these people could overcome these obstacles when there was actually very little hope for people li

Sienna Miller in Cabaret  May 3 2020, 06:28:03 PM
Emma seemed to me like a homecoming queen performing in her high school production of Cabaret. Too squeaky clean.

Sienna had lived the part.

Why people need that refund  Apr 4 2020, 01:01:23 PM
In some cases they don’t have the money either. They still have bills to pay and no revenue coming in. They may end up ceasing operations or filing bankruptcy. Ironically I was supposed to see a play called Lungs today. BAM hasn’t issued a refund claiming it’s been postponed. The same with CSC Assassins. In the case of a Muhlenberg University production, I donated the cost of the ticket ($15). I may end up doing it with the others as well. Luckily I have no Broadway shows, but do have 54

What’s the last show you saw on Broadway before its closing?  Mar 31 2020, 08:46:20 PM
Technically not Broadway, but just as well might have been, Mack and Mabel.

Which show after SPRING AWAKENING and RENT?  Mar 10 2020, 10:33:26 AM

Adversus said: "Wow! Amazing! Thank you so much for all your suggestions. The expectations are high after our version of RENT!

The list is getting longer, but also did we scratch some titles off the list.

PIPPIN has a great story and thematics, but for young talents maybe too difficult to actually deliver the kind of gracious and authority the roles need..

CABARET is a powe

Which show after SPRING AWAKENING and RENT?  Mar 9 2020, 05:19:46 PM
American Psycho


Broadway and the Coronavirus  Mar 8 2020, 03:01:39 PM

sppunk said: "mailhandler777 said: "sppunk said: "We are seeing The Minutes, Company and Six next weekend. I’m more worried about Amtrak cancelling the train from
Harrisburg than the showsbeing cancelled.

Drive to Hamilton NJ and take the NJ Transit in. That's what I do. I'm from Lebanon,PA.

We do sometimes - especially for day trips - but for a weekend we take the train. We park at Seacaucus if it&rsquo

Sophia Caruso departs Beetlejuice  Feb 28 2020, 08:03:37 AM

willep said: "Call_me_jorge said: "I feel like Brightman should’ve been more of a grownup, if what’s in the article is true. Sophia is only 18-19, and they expected her to be some diety of work ethic. I’d like to know if Brightman made it to all his 8 am’s his freshman and sophomore year of college."

Showing up to class and getting paid to be a professional and show up to work are two vastly differently things. Your comparis

Suicide Forest by Haruna Lee  Feb 27 2020, 02:09:40 PM
Seems about right. It was in its element at Bushwick Starr.
Interestingly, MidorI Francis was in the audience the night I saw it, which makes sense. Josh Groban was also there which was wtf. (They weren’t together).

re: Jewish Broadway Stars  Feb 27 2020, 06:18:55 AM

The Other One said: "lunch said: "mistermanifesto said: "Lindsay Mendez, Mandy Gonzalez and Andrea Burns are actually each half Jewish and half Latina!------Jewish and Latina are not necessarily mutually exclusive."

Add Leslie Kritzer to that list.


And Alexandra Silber (her mother is Irish and Latino).


Broadway trip - Times Square/midtown hotels with no resort fees  Feb 24 2020, 07:49:50 AM
I stayed at the Martinique in Koreatown. It’s a Hilton property that doesn’t charge a fee. Yet.

Ideas for in-between shows?  Feb 18 2020, 06:21:19 PM
Birdland has a 5:30 show most days. You can occasionally find them on Goldstar. They have $10 minimum, but if you’re going to eat anyway...

Broadway trip - Times Square/midtown hotels with no resort fees  Feb 17 2020, 06:11:56 PM

theater245 said: "I am shocked at how many more hotels now charge resort fees even compared to fall of last year when this thread started. Today, I can't even FIND ahotelthat DOESN'T charge resort fees in NYC.Can anyonegive me some advice on which hotels' fees includegenerous food/drink credit? I figure if resort fees are increasingly unavoidable, I might as well get a meal out of it."

The Maxwell (a Marriott property) has a $25 fee but gives you $30

Reselling TDF Tickets  Feb 16 2020, 01:59:40 PM
Since these tickets aren’t available to the general public, only members, I’m not sure you can legally sell them.

Alice by Heart - Transferring?  Feb 8 2020, 05:57:46 PM
At least it gave us Molly Gordon as Alice. A much more successful creative endeavor by Jessie Nelson.

Anatomy of a Suicide - Atlantic Theater Company  Feb 7 2020, 06:39:23 PM
It matters where you sit, especially closer to the stage. I got a $25 ticket and was extreme house left. This meant I basically got to watch Carla G. Up close for 2 hrs, not that I’m complaining. The central action, if you can call it that, is in the middle with Celeste Arias, the daughter who is quite gorgeous. Unfortunately, much of her section was obstructed from where I sat. I also think her character may have become quite tiresome by mid-play. On the far side was the granddaughter who

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