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April 13th ??  Apr 1 2020, 02:12:08 AM

CT2NYC said: "I still don't understand why these redundantthreads continue to get responses. 

It gives people a chance to focus on and talk about something other than the very real, frightening situation that is the world, particularly New York City, right now. It's a harmless form of  denial/escape---just like  thinking an April 13 reopening is realistic to the point of expecting an announcement about it. Or Dollypop's rather brilliant  AF

BOOTH USHER w/ VIRUS  Mar 20 2020, 10:09:06 PM
Thanks Wick. Still feeling well, no symptoms (knock wood). But I have a test scheduled with, and on the advice of, my pcp next week.
I wish someone here knew the person at the Booth. I'd like to know how the person is doing. Before anyone drags me, I'm not interested in "identification of the source". Just a shout out to say, sorry this happened to you. Get well!

ACT in SF selling tix to streaming GLORIA and TONI STONE  Mar 19 2020, 03:07:07 AM
Thanks. I'm buying Gloria. Would also love to see Unknown Soldier as I had a ticket for last weekend.

BWW Board Book/Watch Party? (Leave your ideas!)  Mar 17 2020, 07:46:09 PM
I'd do a Smash rewatch. For anyone interested in something more cerebral, the Goodman is streaming Roberto Bolano's 2666. I've made it through part one and am intrigued!

BOOTH USHER w/ VIRUS  Mar 17 2020, 07:40:27 PM
I may have missed an answer to this amidst all the name-calling and accusations.
Does anyone know how the gentleman in question is doing? Medically, spiritually?
I'm one of those he welcomed to the Booth and I'd like to know how he is. Thanks!

The Perplexed, Sat. 3/14, 2pm - One Ticket  Mar 12 2020, 11:00:51 PM

LightsOut90 said: "expect an email tomorrow regarding cancelation tomorrow"

It's odd that Harry Townsend is exempt by lowering capacity to 50%. The show was unbelievably dull.


Flying Over Sunset - Previews Thread  Mar 12 2020, 10:49:59 PM

Miles2Go2 said: "Anyone else surprised that Erika Jayne becomes Clare Booth Luce in Act 2? As soon as the show concluded Andy Cohen tweeted that she was great but the rest of the cast is a little long in the tooth and the production felt tired. He also said he was promised four free tabs but they made him pay for two of them. "

That was Erika Jayne?! I thought it was her understudy, Divine.

The Perplexed, Sat. 3/14, 2pm - One Ticket  Mar 12 2020, 10:45:12 PM
According to the City Center website you can get a refund.

ORATORIO FOR LIVING THINGS (previews)  Mar 11 2020, 04:33:44 AM
Very curious about this. Hoping to see it as it's been extended---if we aren't forbidden to enter NYC, that is.

Scott Rudin lowers tickets to $50 for all his shows in March  Mar 10 2020, 10:57:57 AM
Perfect! I've purchased a $12 RT Flixbus ticket for the 28th and will now scope out WSS on Thursday for a seat. I hadn't planned on seeing this until later, if at all. Thanks, Mr. Rudin.

MRS. DOUBTFIRE Previews  Mar 9 2020, 11:05:10 PM
I'm seeing Olympia Dukakis and Cheri Oteri in that pic. I'm in!!

Lucas Hnath - DANA H  Mar 9 2020, 12:08:26 AM
Bumping this having finally seen it today.
Do not miss it. Deirdre O'Connell is extraordinary.
It's a perfectly constructed story and Dana is very much present.

72 Miles to Go - Roundabout  Mar 8 2020, 11:52:49 PM
I didn't hate it. There's a good deal of it that's endearing. It's the story of one blended, loving, dysfunctional, often melodramatic family. Unfortunately it's written, very obviously, by a talented, well-meaning but uninformed playwright.

Three Sisters at NYTW  Feb 28 2020, 02:47:17 AM

Markie27 said: "Does anybody know when they would release the tickets to the general public? I don’t see anything from the site.

Online sales begin April 1 at noon. Beginning March 23 you can enter a lottery at Today Tix for $25 seats to the first 2 performances, May 13 and 14.


The Hot Wing King - Katori Hall - Signature  Feb 24 2020, 10:04:54 PM
Agreed! Saw it a week ago and found it very enjoyable, if predictable.

Nicco Annan as Big Charles is terrific.

Discount Codes  Feb 24 2020, 04:31:25 PM
up to $50 off through 3/23

Endlings - New York Theatre Workshop  Feb 24 2020, 05:43:39 AM
Add a dissenter. Caught it at ART last year. It made my hair hurt.

Broadway trip - Times Square/midtown hotels with no resort fees  Feb 23 2020, 10:30:24 PM

220Basswood said:

I can't speak to the other properties but the Paramount does charge a fee. if you book through a place like Orbitz, or it will be listed as a fee paid to the hotel directly or a destination fee.If you book directly on Paramount's website it is called the "facility fee" and appears on the checkout page. Here is what the facility fee includes. I have cut and pasted from the hotel's website.


Caroline O’Connor in Teatro ZinZanni(Chicago)  Feb 22 2020, 07:16:14 AM

Call_me_jorge said: "Was shocked to learn Caroline has been in the Chicago production of Teatro ZinZanni for the past month."


​​​Thanks for the info! I'm in Chicago next week and have a free evening. I'll be there instead.


Plaza Suite Boston Peformances Thread  Feb 21 2020, 10:37:23 PM

ThankYouFive221 said: "I saw the show in Boston, and was wondering if anyone else was there when Broderick broke character because he called a character by the wrong name?"

He did the same thing in the dreadful, thankfully short-lived, Evening at the Talk House.

He's a nice boy, shy, not grumpy. He should stick to movies and television.

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