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Muriels Wedding-the Musical

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Muriels Wedding-the Musical#1
Posted: 10/19/19 at 7:12am

I saw a matinee today in Brisbane Australia with the understudy-place was packed[mostly women] and talk about pre show and interval drinkers but absolutely NO disturbance throughout the show.

The show was a total mess and I felt embarrassed for ABBA that their music was in such an amateur production.

Understudy Muriel was totally wrong--she was pretty and slim and girls/women don't sing any more---they scream. All the additional music was unmemorable and the sets I could have bought on my credit card--limit $12.000.

The costumes were tacky without the humour and NONE of the characters so beloved in the movie had any idea how to hold back or ham it up--it was all one note--shrill.

NOTHING worked and why that big funeral for Mum I will never know.

The 'star' was actually the Russian swimmer[apart from the perve factor]. His accent and believeability? was spot on. So much so that for all that time wearing only speedos there was not one wolf whistle, just silence and laughs when he earned them--his character was the only one that really worked--even his curtain call--in speedos--got cheers, not the usual 'ladies night out' cheers.

The audience loved it, got up and danced at the end--I got up and left.

I believe this is the second rewrite and it is probably making money off the back of the movie and quite good reviews.

All I want to do now is go hear the REAL ABBA to act as a Muriel Colonic.

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Muriels Wedding-the Musical#2
Posted: 10/21/19 at 2:08pm

Pity, that is a beloved movie in my family.