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Before I die I wanna.......  Oct 12 2020, 08:56:32 PM

Common get with the program, what do you want to see?


Before I die I wanna.......  Oct 12 2020, 08:15:32 PM

See Stephanie J play Diana in N2N.


RIP Olivia de Havilland  Jul 27 2020, 05:27:04 PM

A rare beauty and actress.


RIP Olivia de Havilland  Jul 26 2020, 08:02:55 PM

She was so beautiful and had such an angelic face how could you not be in love with her.  Of all the beauties in the glamour years of Hollywood she was my favorite.  Greer Garson a close second.  

SJB, Rudetsky, tonight Ft. lauderdale  Feb 22 2020, 10:19:33 AM

I know this shouldn't please me, but it does.

SJB, Rudetsky, tonight Ft. lauderdale  Feb 22 2020, 03:42:23 AM

Hey South Floridians, any out there going to Parker Playhouse tonight please recap the show here as I can't attend.  The circumstances that have led to this are tragic.  I've been living down here for 25 years and this is the first show I've really wanted to see in all that time.  Have fun and please post a list of songs and laughter moments, Seth has a way of making things lighter and funny.

How old is too old to send fanmail?  Dec 17 2019, 12:38:31 PM

I don't write her but I think I've bought SJB more flowers than my wife.

The Pirate Queen (2007)  Dec 14 2019, 10:44:14 AM

Saw this in Chicago and NY, remember being so bummed that this was SJB's first big starring role.  

Stephanie J  Oct 25 2019, 03:01:39 PM

Thanks, my stepdaughter's birthday, and this will almost certainly be a Christmas present from someone down here.  I may bring a posse.

Stephanie J  Oct 23 2019, 07:34:48 PM

Does anyone know what's next for her?

Tell us your dream Broadway revival!  Sep 27 2019, 05:21:19 PM

SJB in N2N.

Angela Lansbury  Sep 24 2019, 03:47:50 PM

So no threads starting with the names of really old people.  Just as I was thinking of the beautiful Olivia de Havilland.

Angela Lansbury  Sep 23 2019, 05:22:48 PM


Angela Lansbury  Sep 22 2019, 08:22:39 PM

Watching her in one of her 1940's movies when she was already a superstar, amazing.

Hugh Jackman in The Music Man  Sep 17 2019, 11:39:58 AM

Don't get the Hugh Jackman adoration.

The Cher Show to close August 18th  Jun 26 2019, 07:18:15 AM

I'm glad Stephanie gets to move on from this show, happy for her winning the Tony.

Rachel Bay Jones to Lead NEXT TO NORMAL at the Kennedy Center  Jun 20 2019, 10:59:16 PM

I saw what this show did to Alice Ripley, by tour time she was burnt and probably shouldn't have done it.  Rachel beat my girl for DEH, I want SJB to play this role if it becomes a revival.  I can die happy after that.

Rachel Bay Jones to Lead NEXT TO NORMAL at the Kennedy Center  Jun 20 2019, 08:42:47 AM

Does this transfer to Broadway, does it tour, any guesses?

2019 Tony Awards Reactions Thread  Jun 9 2019, 10:55:17 PM

Steph, here we go.


2019 Tony Awards Reactions Thread  Jun 9 2019, 10:51:09 PM

I need a Steph.


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