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STOMP Ticket Receipt

Swing | Joined: 4/16/19

STOMP Ticket Receipt

Posted: 4/16/19 at 2:14pm

Hi All!

Hopefully someone can help. I took clients to see STOMP last Wednesday, and bought tickets with my credit card directly from the box office. I need to submit a receipt for work, I've tried calling the box office directly at (212) 477-3932 and it seems like it is someone's personal line. I've called Ticketmaster who have told me to call the box office directly, and now I'm back at square one. Help Pleaseee :)

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Understudy | Joined: 6/2/15

STOMP Ticket Receipt

Posted: 4/16/19 at 6:04pm

TScreen shot your credit card receipt and add your ticket stub ~submit with explanation. Should have no problem getting reimbursed.      I verified the following ~ call box office, I just did, direct number is 2124773932. James will answer.    Box office opens 2 hours before showtime 

Updated On: 4/16/19 at 06:04 PM