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A Bronx Tale Tour

A Bronx Tale Tour#1
Posted: 10/24/18 at 5:09pm

I saw the tour recently, and I loved it!

I barely heard anything regarding this show, and am very active in the theatre community so I was shocked at how good it was!

Don't get me wrong, not a very well written show. At all. But, I did walk out humming 3 different melodies, which was 3 more than I was expecting. It was very enjoyable, and entertaining. 

The only *major* critque I have other than above is that (spoiler) Jane and Calergo are dating, and then the last scene we hear "She wasn't my great one," with no other explanation. It was really unsatisfying, and I wish they at least explained it.

If this is coming to your town, go! The set is pretty decent and equal to the videos of seen of it on broadway, and the cast (especially Richard H. Blake) was amazing!

NYC Cheapo
A Bronx Tale Tour#2
Posted: 10/26/18 at 5:28pm

I'm with you on the music.  My daughter really liked it.  I thought the first half was better than the second.

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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
A Bronx Tale Tour#3
Posted: 11/4/18 at 3:08am
Can't wait for the this. Watched the movie to prep myself.
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A Bronx Tale Tour#4
Posted: 1/11/19 at 1:49am

Just saw this in Denver.  I thought the first act was ....not good. We didn't have Richard Blake - his understudy was on.  I hate to pick on child actors - but whomever we had as young C (I think it was the "at some performances" youngster) had the flattest, nonemotional and quickest line readings I've seen in a professional production in some time.  I really couldn't wait for him to leave the stage.    

I like the second act better - even though the second act goes in so many different directions.   

I had high hopes - as I liked the OBCR for the most part.  But, the show was just meh - and a little less than meh.  My daughter thought is was the weakest professional production she'd seen in quite a while.  The show is very forgettable as there was just nothing that stood out to me in the performances and staging, even though supposedly 11 of the tour cast were in the Broadway cast, at some point.  .    .