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Hello Dolly past tours passerelle question.  Aug 14 2020, 08:01:17 PM

sbflyfan said "The 50th Anniversary "Hello Dolly" tour with Sally Struthers (around 2013) did not utilize a passerelle.

ACL2006 said: “This tour was an embarrassment to the show and it's legacy."


Had to look that one up...

Hello Dolly past tours passerelle question.  Aug 14 2020, 06:07:05 PM

I absolutely and unconditionally adored this last national tour, and am honored to have seen it three times - twice during the tour launch in Cleveland, and once in Pittsburgh when the tour passed through. Loved the cast, love the music, loved it all. The fake passerelle did nothing to dampened the pure joy I felt when seeing this show live and in person. I have some incredible and fond memories, and even now have the curtain call from Cleveland as the screen saver on my la

Wear Hamilton Merchandise ?  Jul 8 2020, 05:24:39 PM

JGPR2 said: "In the cancel culture we seem to live in now, I was wondering if it still is ok to wear my "Hamilton" t-shirt or hoodie in public or just save it for around the house."

I wore my Hamilton t-shirt to work the day prior to the Disney+ release, and most everyone was completely oblivious. I’ll wear it whenever I please and wherever I please. I don’t dress myself to accommodate other’s political views. And I have zero int

OUR Hamilton Reviews  Jul 4 2020, 02:23:39 PM

Watched it for the third time. Still love this soooo much. Here’s a couple of interesting reads:


OUR Hamilton Reviews  Jul 3 2020, 07:52:58 PM

schubox said: "Speaking to that, how does this affect the stage show when it opens back up. Who is going to be lining up to see the stage show now that this copy exists? I kind of burned myself out seeing it three times in the opening year, but could have seen myself revisiting it on a tour or something in a few years. But why would I spend hundreds of dollars on that when this definitive version exists?"


The tour is scheduled the hit Pittsburgh in Janu

OUR Hamilton Reviews  Jul 3 2020, 03:20:50 PM

I see this thread has degenerated, as is usual for BWW. Wish we could stick to OUR HAMILTON REVIEWS instead of this senseless debate on which/whether it’s eligible for who freaking cares whatever awards. Seriously. I think all of you need a hug. How about a REVIEW? Anyone? Or you could just keep beating all of your heads against walls. I’m rolling my eyes here.
I’m gonna start watching this a second time. How about some of you come to your senses.

OUR Hamilton Reviews  Jul 3 2020, 02:38:13 PM

Saw this twice on tour. Have been listening to the OBCR now for a couple of years. Knew ahead of time pretty much everything that was going to happen.

Just finished watching this on Disney+...blackened out all of my living room windows to make the experience more ‘theater-like’. Lights off...clicked started, and I...

Smiled. Clapped. Laughed. Cried. 

Absolutely LOVED IT. 

2020-2021 Touring Season  Jun 24 2020, 10:44:47 AM

Broadway in Pittsburgh has officially postponed until January 2021...

Due to these current challenges, we have the following changes to our 2020-2021 Broadway season schedule to share with you:

The Pittsburgh engagement of HADESTOWN, originally scheduled for October 27-November 1, 2020, has been rescheduled to September 7-12, 2021. The show has postponed the launch of its national tour to Spring 2021. HADESTOWN will now be the final show in the upcoming 2020-2021 PNC BROADWAY IN

Am I Racist for Liking King and I  Jun 17 2020, 06:22:38 AM

Sutton Ross said: "23 paragraphs of rambling? What an accomplishment. Jesus Christ."


Yup. Passed right over it. I’m sure there was something important in there. 


What Broadway Play Do You Regret Not Seeing?  Jun 9 2020, 05:37:08 PM

Burn / This 

2020-2021 Touring Season  May 29 2020, 12:38:14 PM

Pittsburgh Cultural Trust have this update today via email:

Due to these delays, we have changes to our 2020-2021 Broadway season schedule, which include:

AIN’T TOO PROUD, originally scheduled for August 25-30, 2020, will be rescheduled to return as part of the PNC Broadway in Pittsburgh 2021-2022 season.

The producers of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD are re-examining a new schedule for the tour, including the highly anticipated Pittsburgh

Funniest Scenes in shows  May 27 2020, 07:11:54 PM

Another minor spoiler from the Book of Mormon, and this submission - the scene including the song TURN IT OFF. 

I about died laughing when they clapped their hands in unison and the house lights went off. Second time, when they came back up and they were wearing pink sequined vests and chorus-line danced. Imagine that your brain is made of tiny boxes, find the box that’s gay and CRUSH IT! 

Still laugh my butt off when

Ben Platt on Netflix  May 22 2020, 09:02:39 PM

CT2NYC said: "It wasn't a one-time show.It's a Netflix special, which will always be exclusively on Netflix. They offer a 30-day free trial if you'd like to see it."

Sounds like a plan! With a 3-day weekend, working from home next week, and the following weekend off, I’ll have plenty of time to schedule it in between my show binge-watching and movies. :)


Ben Platt on Netflix  May 22 2020, 05:36:42 PM

It’s been a very rough week for me, so this sort of slipped my mind that it was on Netflix, which I don’t subscribe to. I very much would’ve liked to have seen this, and really needed some kind of ‘escape’. Hope it comes back on again, but maybe on another streaming service? I think we all should be very grateful things like this exist in a time when everything is shutdown.

Love the BWW design update!  May 18 2020, 08:33:58 PM

Tag said: "Now please get rid of those videos that play automatically in the bottom cornerangry"


Hamilton Broadway Coming to Disney Plus July 3  May 12 2020, 01:23:59 PM
Disney just needs to have a very long opening sequence discussing how this will be shown in its entirety without interruption and without editing, and that some situations contain extreme adult language and situations. Leave it on the screen for a full one minute prior to starting it along with a disclaimer of some type, and then just let it run.

Hamilton Broadway Coming to Disney Plus July 3  May 12 2020, 12:59:58 PM
I’ve passed this on to about 20 people (some who have actually never heard of HAMILTON), and most all of them are over-the-top excited! One co-worker is by coincidence reading the Ron Chernow book now, and I didn’t even know she was a fan! Needless to say she’s pumped for this!

2020-2021 Touring Season  May 11 2020, 03:46:18 PM

Cleveland has officially announced that their 2020/2021 season will not begin until January...

“Dear Fans of BWY in CLE,

We at Playhouse Square are grateful for the many relationships our community has with our KeyBank Broadway Series and BWY in CLE. Whether you are a donor, a season ticket holder, a group leader or a guest who attends once or twice a year, you are important to us.

Today, I have news to share with you that will impact each of you in different ways.

BWW Donation Pop-up  May 3 2020, 08:33:52 AM

I get this pop-up occasionally now and would love to be able to donate - it gives you the option of recurring monthly or one-time amounts of your choice - but when I tap on the one-time option it doesn’t register, nor does it work when I try to enter an amount in the blank field made available.

Hoping the moderators and or website master can fix this. If not, I’ll try and make it a recurring monthly donation. If I can get that one field to work. 

CATS  May 1 2020, 07:31:36 PM
There was a date on their website previously that it started May 1st?

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