Curious Incident and British Theatre

Curious Incident and British Theatre#1
Posted: 11/13/13 at 2:41am
Besides 12th Night are any new plays/musicals coming to Broadway?
I would love to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

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Curious Incident and British Theatre#2
Posted: 11/13/13 at 5:33am
Plays from London or plays in general?
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Curious Incident and British Theatre#2
Posted: 11/13/13 at 6:05am
The Donmar production of "The Night Alive" is transferring to off-Broadway.
Also Carrie Cracknell's production of "A Doll's House" is heading your way and unmissable.

"Chimerica" should transfer but won't after a poor commercial run.

"Charlie & the Chocolate Factory" is bound to end up with you eventually.

If I were a betting man then Matt Smith in "American Psycho" screams Broadway transfer rather than West End run.

You should pray that you are spared "From Here to Eternity" and "The Commitments".

I also wouldn't rule out someone trying to make some money from a Broadway run of Helen Mirren in "The Audience" - terrible play, wonderful actor.
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Curious Incident and British Theatre#3
Posted: 11/13/13 at 10:40am
CURIOUS INCIDENT is one of the best pieces of theatre I have ever seen. I can only hope and pray it comes here to the states.
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Curious Incident and British Theatre#4
Posted: 11/13/13 at 10:43am
I absolutely detested the book in every way. Not sure how I would feel about a stage show.
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Curious Incident and British Theatre#5
Posted: 11/13/13 at 11:17am
I wouldn't be surprised if National Theatre of Scotland's production of DUNSINANE made it's way out here. They are planning a US tour.
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Curious Incident and British Theatre#6
Posted: 11/13/13 at 12:04pm
I adored the book, saw the NT clips and think it looks brilliant, and recommended my aunt and uncle see it when they visited this spring and they were all thumbs up. Plus, the National has had a great track record with transfers this decade so far...
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Curious Incident and British Theatre#7
Posted: 11/13/13 at 2:48pm
I am really surprised that Curious hasn't announced a Broadway transfer as yet, not only because it is an award-winning smash hit (that really lives up to the hype is sensational) but also because, to me anyway, it seems more universal than something like One Man Two Guv'nors or the Royal Court's Jerusalem, both of which were huge hits in NYC. I was surprised to note also that the show worked even better in the conventional pros-arch Apollo Theatre than it did in it's original set-up at the National's Cottesloe studio space. Again only my opinion but I felt it was easier to follow and had more of an emotional punch; it would work a treat in somewhere like the Golden or the Longacre.
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Curious Incident and British Theatre#8
Posted: 11/13/13 at 2:57pm
I wonder if Curious Incident hasn't announced a transfer due to either cast availability as I imagine they'll want Luke Treadaway to reprise Christopher on Broadway or theatre availability. I agree the Golden or the Longacre would be great.

The Audience I think will transfer but I imagine they'll wait for Helen Mirren to become available as she's currently filming The Hundred Foot Journey so it'll likely be late 2014 at the earliest.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I imagine won't be until late 2015/early 2016 as Sam Mendes is busy with King Lear, Cabaret but more importantly Bond which will take up most of his time.
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Curious Incident and British Theatre#9
Posted: 11/13/13 at 3:42pm
phreak, I too detested the book. I saw the show when I was in London last April because of all the hype (and the fact my ticket was only 10 pounds. It was a terrific show that honestly lived up to the hype.

Luke Treadway was honestly great, but I kept scratching my head going "He's 30...." and wondering why a teenager was not cast.