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Reunion: A Musical Epic in Minature

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Featured Actor
Reunion: A Musical Epic in Minature #1
Posted: 8/12/10 at 4:34pm
Is anyone familiar with this show and perhaps have access to a recording? I just got a callback for the show and I have to learn the song "Wake Nicodemus". I have the music, I just need to listen to the song with accompaniment and I have limited time to prepare. It's not on Itunes, Amazon, or Youtube. I would just hire an accompanist, but my finances are super scarce right now. Like, I'm so broke it's scary. I've searched online and even on the show's official website, but they only have brief clips of the song. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it! Thanks and be blessed!
Going to a musical late in its run is like going to a prostitute late in her shift.