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Member Name: beyondblessed
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Gender: Male
Location: Detroit
Occupation: Student
Profile: I am loving this thing called life. The subtle changes, the gasping interruptions, and all the melodrama in between. That is what makes me tick.

You may be able to tell from my intro that I'm a theatre student and loving it with all my heart. Making a career out of playing around everyday is so cool.

Life ain't easy, but getting though the rough patches make the fun times more fun.
God is Good to me. And I find it amazing that he cares so much about me. You too. He loves us all inspite of all our inperfections and wrongdoings and thats whatsup. Get at me if you have a good heart and are uniquely yourself. Many blessings.

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The 'Combine Two Show Titles to Make a New One' Game  Oct 2 2010, 02:15:22 AM
1. This one woman show tells of her struggles with dating and painting a modernist masterpiece.

Tell me on a Sunday in the Park with George

The 'Combine Two Show Titles to Make a New One' Game  Oct 2 2010, 02:11:07 AM
2. This show tells the story of vampires in two acts, one through voice and the other movement.

Song and Dance of the Vampires

The 'Combine Two Show Titles to Make a New One' Game  Oct 1 2010, 02:50:03 PM

I was just thinking Baby in Arms, but your close enough. This is so much fun.

The 'Combine Two Show Titles to Make a New One' Game  Oct 1 2010, 01:34:20 PM
You got the first one right.
The second one is actually very simple.

The 'Combine Two Show Titles to Make a New One' Game  Oct 1 2010, 12:47:16 PM

Okay, I have some... the first one might be a little bit of a push but let's see where it goes:

1.) Set in Steeltown USA, this rock musical, composed by Mark Blitzstein, explores the torment of a Danish Prince planning revenge on his uncle. The flop closed in 1976 and was forbidden by Actor's Equity to be performed on a stage ever again.

2.) This 1930s Rodgers and Hart Musical chronicles the lives of three newly expectant couples and featured

Reunion: A Musical Epic in Minature  Aug 12 2010, 04:34:53 PM
Is anyone familiar with this show and perhaps have access to a recording? I just got a callback for the show and I have to learn the song "Wake Nicodemus". I have the music, I just need to listen to the song with accompaniment and I have limited time to prepare. It's not on Itunes, Amazon, or Youtube. I would just hire an accompanist, but my finances are super scarce right now. Like, I'm so broke it's scary. I've searched online and even on the show's official website, but they only have brief c

2010 Tony Awards Host??  Apr 29 2010, 07:16:39 AM
David Hyde Pierce would be an excellent host!

If she wasn't in a show right now...I believe Vanessa Williams would also do a fine job...I remember her hosting the Blockbuster Awards in the past, she was hilarious!

If by some strange way Whoopi and Rosie were able to co-host, I feel that it would be one of the most unforgettable award shows ever. A whole bunch of silly and charm. Have they ever worked together?

Our Town?!  Mar 19 2010, 04:35:50 PM
thanks so much

Our Town?!  Mar 19 2010, 03:07:04 PM
So I need help. I've herd so much great stuff about Our Town from friends and reviews, but I'm still a bit of a skeptic. Thorton Wilder and I don't have the best relationship... meaning that I've seen productions of The Skin of Our Teeth that were raved about but once I left the theatre I just had a headache and was angry with myself for paying good money to see such a confusing production of a confusing play. So because of those productions, I have steered away from Wilder for a while because

Viola Davis to Co-Star with Denzel Washington in FENCES; Begins April 26 at  Jan 6 2010, 09:39:02 AM
Viola Davis is about to get her some Tony! Broadway beware, this lady acts her face off! Rose's last monologue? ... Ha! I guarantee you this lady is going to TEAR it up! I have't been to NYC in a while, but I will be saving up for this one. TOO EXCITED!

re: Director residuals?  May 24 2009, 09:54:40 AM
Ok, thanks guys. This helped. I appreciate it.

Director residuals?  May 23 2009, 08:15:02 PM

Quick question, I was curious to know if anyone knew if directors receive residuals when a Broadway show has a lengthy run? I?m really not sure how Broadway payments work on the production side of the table, but I am familiar with the contract process that actors sign.

So I guess my question is, how are directors paid? Is it a similar contract to actors? And if a show has a lengthy run does the director receive a residual? Like is Julie Taymor still being paid for Lion King even t

re: 'Making it on Broadway' Book  May 13 2009, 08:57:02 AM
(Rises from the dust)

Yeah, it's a great book. I own it and really found it to be a good read. It gives both sides of the theatrical spectrum directly from the mouths of Broadway actors. I really enjoyed the book and I would definitely recommend that you read it.

re: Sunday Evening Shows?  Jun 29 2008, 03:01:12 PM

Sunday Evening Shows?  Jun 23 2008, 07:47:46 AM
Hey BWW crew!!!

I'm coming back into the states and I have a day layover on Sunday July 13th. My plane is scheduled to land at 3:00pm and I'd love to catch some fine NYC Theatre. Do you guys know of any shows that perform on Sunday Evening? I'm looking for something with Student Rush, because I'm returning from study abroad and will be a little poor. The only show I found is Fuerzabruta. Any other recommendations?

re: The Search for Elle THOUGHTS!  Jun 3 2008, 12:29:09 PM
I missed the show, but I caught up on the clips on MTV's website and Honestly, some of you guys complain too much. Sometimes in Entertainment you have to just take things for what they are and quit being so over analytical about something you have no power over and don't plan on changing. Chill folks, and try to enjoy the show. If it's not your thing then change the station.

With that said, I admit that some of these girls are more talented than others, but that is the na

re: What is your LEAST favorite musical ever?  May 20 2008, 04:31:39 PM
On Broadway: Cats, as my dear friend Cubby Bernestein would say.. "What the hell WAS that?"

On Tour: Whistle Down the Wind

Off Broadway: The Ark ( Did anyone else see this, it was about Noah's Ark and the audience was suppose to be all the animals.It played at 37 Arts. There were some good moments, but the show got a little weird.)

Bad Characters get Booed at Curtain Call?  May 20 2008, 04:21:16 PM
Have you all ever experienced this in a Broadway House? I was just speaking with a friend today about when I saw August Wilson's 'Radio Golf' at the Court last summer. James A. Williams played Roosevelt Hicks, who starts off pretty harmless but over the course of the play ends up being one evil dude. James A. Williams gave an outstanding performance, but the impression he left on the audience was so memorable that people started to boo when he came down to take his bow. He just smiled and blew t

re: A Standing O in the middle of a show?  May 13 2008, 04:18:39 PM
thanks cartwheel, I was blessed to see the show at a point in my life where I really benefited from seeing it. The Color Purple wasn't the best show I've seen, but its one that has meant the most to me, and one of two Broadway shows that has ever made me cry.

re: A Standing O in the middle of a show?  May 13 2008, 10:33:10 AM
Cool thread. I haven't spoken in a while, but I'm not anyone too important but I have a story...

Summer 2006, I believe sometime in July, I actually started a standing O the first time that I saw The Color Purple. I had rush tickets, front row center, and Kenita Miller was on for LaChanze. There was just something about the way Kenita connected with Celie and I was sobbing all the way through "I'm Here". When Kenita sang the final "I'm beautiful...and I'm Here" I was so overwhelmed that

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