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The memory (or lack thereof) of Tonys voters... - Page 2

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Right, there’s no public list. Probably what they were thinking about is the list of the nominating committee, which is released every year.
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Since Tony voters are voting this week and next, pundits David Buchanan and Sam Eckmann are posting their predictions in the Play races.

In a new video, they debate the various scenarios: Are ''Slave Play'' and ''The Inheritance'' neck-and-neck for Best Play? Or does the public dialogue over diversity and racism give Jeremy O. Harris' work an advantage? Is Tom Hiddleston (''Betrayal'' ) the frontrunner for Actor in a Play who wins, or can Jake Gyllenhaal (''Sea Wall''/''A Life'' ) pull off an upset? Is Mary Louise Parker (''The Sound Inside'' ) still a lock for Actress in a Play or not?

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