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Cuomo Announces NEW YORK ARTS REVIVAL- Page 2

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Sutton Ross
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Cuomo Announces NEW YORK ARTS REVIVAL#26
Posted: 1/12/21 at 10:49pm

And it will be cute for local musicians/concerts but this thread is about acts opening before the Summer. 

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Cuomo Announces NEW YORK ARTS REVIVAL#27
Posted: 1/12/21 at 11:02pm

performance space  ≠ theatre

I took the question to be about theatre, not performance, and it would not make sense to have a theatre in a place with a very high ambient sound level and no infrastructure. Not condescending at all. I am glad they are investing in the city in this way but my point is that it is not going to help the theatre. 

Alexander Lamar
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Cuomo Announces NEW YORK ARTS REVIVAL#28
Posted: 1/12/21 at 11:16pm
Well their applications page says they were looking for all types of performers including theater groups so will be interesting to see the lineup if it opens at all.
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Cuomo Announces NEW YORK ARTS REVIVAL#29
Posted: 1/12/21 at 11:53pm

wondering if that means the production/installation of BLINDNESS at the Daryl Roth Theatre will be happening sooner rather then later...

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Jordan Catalano
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Cuomo Announces NEW YORK ARTS REVIVAL#30
Posted: 1/13/21 at 12:53am
If they are looking at ways to do some indoor performances, they really need to figure out and reopen movie theaters in the city.