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Need "CONSIDER YOURSELF" Music By Tonight!
Posted by Tootles216 2003-06-01 18:36:49

Hi, I'm new here. My name is Drew.

Okay, I need help really, really fast. My audition for "OLIVER!" is tomorrow night and I just decided to audition. It's required that I sing "CONSIDER YOURSELF" in the key of G, since I'm auditioning for Dodger. I really need the music by tonight, as I do need to practice it and learn the words by tomorrow evening.



re: Help!
Posted by Tootles216 2003-06-01 18:51:03

Sorry, my email address is

re: re: Help!
Posted by Dame Edna 2003-06-01 18:56:42

Call information Michael Lavine in Manhattan.
He has all sheet music.
Break a leg kid!

Good Luck!
Posted by BillyLawlor 2003-06-01 21:54:09

Good Luck! Dodger is an awesome part. Lots of fun! Hope you get it!

re: Good Luck!
Posted by KB 2003-06-01 22:25:16

I second the good luck wishes. It is a great part.


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Posted by Amneris 2003-06-02 20:42:43

did you try ?

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Posted by broadwayguy2 2003-06-02 20:43:56

Consider yourself at home!
Consider yourself part of the family!

from a former oliver and dodger, break a leg!