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Vickie Evans

Vickie Evans

Vickie is the president of the independent theater company, Soaring High Productions and is the CEO of the nonprofit theater advocacy organization, Performing Arts and Literary Society (PALS). 

She has written, directed, produced, and self-promoted numerous stage plays throughout the United States to include:  Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, and North Carolina.  She is the award-winning playwright/director of the domestic violence awareness stage play “A Change Is Gonna Come.   In October 2009, “A Change Is Gonna Come” received four top honors (Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Director for Vickie) at the Velocity Magazine Awards. 

In 2014, she received the Broadway World’s Charlotte Regional Award for Best Director in a musical for her stage play, “The Gift”.   For three years, Vickie has served on the elite panel of producers of the National Black Theater festival Actors’ Networking Showcase.

Vickie is an avid and outspoken advocate in the campaign to end domestic violence.  As a child-witness, she has first-hand knowledge about the effects that domestic violence had on her development into a young woman and how it affected her self-esteem.  She has developed a campaign entitled, Don’t Take Away My Innocence as a support mechanism for adult recovery and for intervention for children who are currently witnesses.

Vickie is the author of two books, The Art of Forgiving, a relationship-building memoir that emphasizes the importance of ridding oneself of relationship baggage by mastering the “art” of forgiving; and her best-selling memoir, Know Your Worth! (Overcoming the Dragon of Low Self- Esteem), an empowering, tell-all book that is designed to promote image-building by breaking the cycle of "low self-esteem".  This thought-provoking memoir received high honors in three different categories on the Bestsellers’ List:  5th in Emotion, 7th in Women Studies, and 7th in Gender Studies.

Ms. Evans was honored with the “Voices of Women” award by Delta Sigma Theta Sorority for her community advocacy and oratorical contributions.  She was nominated for “Phenomenal Woman of the Year”!   Vickie works tirelessly to make a difference in her community, with a passion for young ladies and mature women who have experienced love, relationship, and self-image issues. She is a member of the Domestic Violence Speakers’ Bureau in Charlotte, North Carolina. 



BWW Review: FENCES at Duke Energy Theater
February 13, 2020

BNS Productions brings August Wilson's FENCES to Charlotte, NC. Tony Award-Winning Fences is Wilson's 6th cycle out of a 10-Cycle series of Pittsburgh-based stage plays about the African American experience.

BWW Review: AKEELAH AND THE BEE at Children's Theatre
February 7, 2020

Akeelah and the Bee is a family-fun production that highlights an 11-year old African-American girl's journey of surviving the inner-city challenges of the Chicago projects to her acrimonious success as a finalist/winner of the Scripps National Spelling Bee.  The stage adaptation remained true to the movie's original theme about overcoming obstacles (poverty, bullying, inner-city woes such as shooting and drugs, racial and societal stereotypes, etc.), while stressing the importance of the strong community ties and love that undergird Akeelah's rise to success. 

December 18, 2019

Broadway World awarded musical, Be A Lion, written by Rory D. Sheriff, who recently won a?oeBest Directora?? at the Atlanta Black Theater Festival, returns with improvements and upgrades to the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center's Duke Energy Theater, at Spirit Square.

BWW Review: THE “GENIE-US” OF ALADDIN at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center
September 14, 2019

With the iconic song 'A Whole New World', Aladdin certainly delivered 'the magic' of Disney that took the audience on a mind-blowing journey of 'toe tappin' dance performances and tickled our imagination to believe that we too could embark on a fairy-tale infused 'magic carpet ride'. 

August 8, 2019

The 2019 National Black Theatre Festival has ended with memories of grandeur and spectacular stage plays. Here is my review of the productions I attended.

August 1, 2019

When the stars come out…there is magic in the air.  That's exactly how the opening day of the National Black Theatre Festival (NBTF) in Winston-Salem felt…majestic and magical.  As the originators and attendees declare…”This Is Holy Ground!”   The NBTF is “taking over” the city of Winston-Salem, North Carolina this entire week, July 29-August 3. 

February 20, 2019

Somebody Loves You, Baby!' What a perfect backdrop to a lovely 'pre-Valentine's' evening. Ms. Patti LaBelle (a.k.a. 'Lady Marmalade') made a royalty entrance onto the stage of the Queen City's Belk Theater, as her silky voice filled the atmosphere, as anxious fans stood and cheered, waiting for her to emerge. It was incredible.

BWW Review: Bob Marley's THREE LITTLE BIRDS At Children's Theatre of Charlotte
February 12, 2019

Bob Marley's 'Three Little Birds' is a musical tribute to the Father of Reggae depicted through the eyes of his son, Ziggy Marley. It's a coming-of-age depiction of facing fears 'head on' to experience the joys of life in a sunny, Caribbean island, outside the walls of his imagination.

BWW Review: NINA SIMONE: Four Women at Actor's Theatre of Charlotte
February 8, 2019

'NINA SIMONE: FOUR WOMEN' showcases the life and music of songstress Nina Simone and the testimonies of three different women, after the 1963 bombing of the 16th Baptist Church, in Birmingham, Alabama. It depicts the women diverse struggles that unite them together, at a time of civil unrest and racial disparity.

BWW Review: Be A Lion: The Third Time's A Charm!
December 18, 2018

I had the pleasure to see the award-winning stage play 'Be A Lion', written by Rory D. Sheriff, inspired by the Broadway play, 'The Wiz' for the third time. Be A Lion is the fictitious account of what could have possibly happened in the land of Oz, AFTER the Wiz's sudden departure. It's an urbanized depiction of the modern day lives Dorothy, Scarecrow, The Tin Man, and The Lion, who is on a quest to become the next 'RULER' of Oz, with his trusted side-kick Miles, The Mouse, and LaDawn, the lioness.

BWW Article: Rory D. Sheriff, Playwright
August 30, 2018

Rory D. Sheriff - if you haven't heard that name, it's only a matter of time before you will. Statuesque, bearded and dread-locked, he is a man that's very visible, even in a crowded room. Yet, there is a humbleness and genuine kindness that is etched in his face and resonates in his voice. Why is this man so significant? Under the auspice of his production company, Brand New Sheriff (BNS) Productions, is consistently providing a platform of entertainment via the performing arts as a resident playwright at the Duke Energy Theater of Belk Performing Arts Center. His passion for community theater is echoed loud and clear through his talent-filled cast and masterfully-produced stage plays.

BWW Review: THE LION KING Returns To The Belk Theater
August 28, 2018

The Lion King brings the magic of Pride Rock to the Queen City (Charlotte) with spectacular choreography, costumes and music that takes your imagination right in the middle of an African Safari. Yes, the magic of Disney is showcased in living color.

BWW Review: 'Unfaithful' The Stage Play
July 15, 2018

'UNFAITHFUL' is an emotional twist-turning stage play that extends far beyond cheating. The story captures the lives of Kenny and Rochelle Jones, the seemingly perfect couple, who looked as if they had the 'perfect' life and marriage, until the unimaginable happened.

BWW Review: Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Energizes The 'Queen City'
March 2, 2018

Riveting, Breathtaking! A cultural phenomenon! Worthy of all the standing ovations it received! Yes, The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater delivered one of the most spectacular dance masterpieces that I've ever witnessed.

BWW Review: And In This Corner: Cassius Clay
February 23, 2018

A very informative play about the life of one of our greatest sports heroes, Muhammad Ali (formerly known as Cassius Clay).

BWW Review: 25th Anniversary of The Pride Awards
January 31, 2018

BWW Interview: Jonathan Caldwell of 'Boys To Baghdad'
January 23, 2018

Jonathan Caldwell returns as Huey Sharif, the lead role, in Boys To Baghdad, written and produced by Rory Sheriff, Brand New Sheriff Productions

BWW Review: August's Wilson's, 'Jitney' At Duke Energy Theater
September 5, 2017

August Wilson's Tony award-winning stage play, Jitney, takes center stage at The Blumenthal's Duke Energy Theatre, produced by Brand New Sheriff Productions.

BWW Review: Christian Murder Mystery, 'Bad Manners At The Dinner Table'
July 31, 2017

'Bad Manners At The Dinner Table' is a Christian Murder Mystery, written by Aalani Necole that is based on the principle of the Seven Deadly Sins. Performed in Charlotte, NC at the Little Rock Cultural Center.

BWW Review: QC Summerfest Kick-Off With A Bang
July 30, 2017

QC Summerfest 2017, headlined by Flutist Althea Rene and Saxophonist Boney James, kicked-off with a bang at the Belk Theater, in Charlotte, NC.