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Tess Alfano

Tess Alfano Tess Alfano, ATC recently graduated Montclair State University where she studied sports medicine and dance performance. She has worked with various sports teams through-out northern New Jersey while continuing her dance education. She has been surrounding herself with dance for over 15 years by attending professional dance performances in addition to performing herself, and enjoying a well-rounded dance curriculum. She dedicates much of her time to the art of dance as well as the science of dance medicine.


BWW Reviews: Paul Taylor Celebrates Diamond Anniversary Season at Lincoln Center
April 9, 2014

Attending an homage to Paul Taylor's artistry was an unforgettable experience. The pageantry behind the show, combined with Paul Taylor's expertise, created remarkable moments. This was on display in the recent presentations of Byzantium, Marathon Cadenzas, and Funny Papers. Despite the self-effacing vibe Paul Taylor is known for portraying, his work drips with thoughtfulness and intellect.

BWW Reviews: Jessica Lang Dance
February 24, 2014

Jessica Lang Dance performed in New York City this week at the Joyce Theater and it did not disappoint. The choreography never failed to be completely original and the cast performed with pristine technique. The show was under two hours and showcased three New York premiers and returning pieces. All movement was impeccably set to music from Handel,Trio Mediaeval,Ciupinski,John and Thomas Metcalf,Mendelssohn, and Edvard Grieg. Jessica Lang truly shows us culture through her eyes with a captivating performance. Furthermore, Jessica Lang Dance truly puts heart into every detail of their performance. The company's return to the Joyce Theater is no exception and became another reason why dance in New York City is never a disappointment.

BWW Reviews: ModERIN: Darrah Carr Dance 15th Anniversary Season with Guest Choreographer Sean Curran
December 6, 2013

ModERIN: The 15th anniversary season of Darrah Carr Dance featuring guest choreographer Sean Curran stunned audiences on the weekend of November 22nd. The show spoke to all ethnic backgrounds and traditions, making it an enjoyable performance for everyone. Darrah Carr mastered the art of fusing traditional Irish culture with modern complements throughout the performance. The show included choreography performed by an inspiring cast and showcased duets and trios, in addition to larger group numbers. Furthermore, Darrah Carr surprised us by encompassing live vocals and a few unusual instruments into the repertoire, making the night all the more memorable

August 4, 2013

The most important thing to remember is an open mind when attending a production that would likely fall under the category of "performance art". Festival TBD: Emergency Glitter show cased many artists that had the main purpose of expanding upon cultural norms, the segments that were created by Gillian Walsh and Lauren Grace Bakst were no exception. Together, these choreographers disturbed the minds within the audience and left the deeper meaning behind the concepts presented to us a mystery.

BWW Reviews: Lydia Johnson Featuring Carlos Lopez
July 1, 2013

It was a pleasure to experience the fusion of Lydia Johnson's invigorating choreography with the precision and passion of Carlos Lopez. The entire performance evoked a variety of emotions ranging from devout love to high anticipation to true sorrow. Not only was the chemistry between Carlos Lopez and Lydia Johnson undeniable, the chemistry between Lopez and the whole cast could only be described at breathtaking. While I'm sure that the Lopez's dedication and artistry were certainly inspiring to the entire cast and crew, I cannot help but assume that the other dancers returned just as much insight and perspective. The program consisted of four total pieces, two of which were premiering.