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Taylor Clemons

Taylor Clemons Taylor is a Louisville native and is extremely active in the theatre scene as and actor and a friend to many companies. Taylor has acted with CenterStage at the Jewish Community Center, Mind's Eye, Wayward, and The Oldham County Arts Center. He is currently working towards his BFA.


Review: TWINKIE AND THE BEAST at Drag Daddy Productions
December 2, 2022

What did our critic think of TWINKIE AND THE BEAST at Drag Daddy Productions?

Review: Broadway Across America Presents PRETTY WOMAN at Kentucky Performing Arts
December 2, 2022

What did our critic think of PRETTY WOMAN at Whitney Hall?

Broadway Beyond Louisville Review: TINA: THE TINA TURNER MUSICAL at The Aronoff Center
November 1, 2022

What did our critic think of TINA: THE TINA TURNER MUSICAL at The Aronoff Center?

Review: BRIGHT STAR at Derby Dinner Playhouse
September 7, 2022

What did our critic think of BRIGHT STAR at Derby Dinner Playhouse? Derby Dinner Playhouse is known for it's crowd pleasing entertainment. While their usual fare seems to be cheesy fun; every once in a while they pick a lesser known gem of a show that audiences didn't know they would love. For example, Derby Dinner's production of Bonnie and Clyde comes to mind when I think about it in that fashion, and I'd say Bright Star falls into the category of a lesser known show turned real crown pleaser when they give it a chance.

Review: CHICAGO at The Lexington Theatre Company
August 5, 2022

What did our critic think of CHICAGO at The Lexington Theatre Company? Chicago the Musical is in a word , conic, especially for musical theatre types. Thanks to a wildly successful film adaptation, it's a cemented staple in pop culture. With perhaps John Kander and Fred Ebb's most recognizable score, the show has been wowing broadway audiences since 1996 and is still the longest running American musical. The Lexington Theatre company closes their summer season with the show, and while the whole of their production was indeed greater than the some of it's parts, 'Razzle Dazzled' isn't how I would describe my feelings throughout the opening night performance.

Review: Broadway Across America presents ANASTASIA at Kentucky Performing Arts
August 4, 2022

What did our critic think of ANASTASIA at Whitney Hall? The Broadway musical Anastasia finally opened in Louisville this week, 28 months after its anticipated opening in March of 2020. It also marks the final show of Broadway in Louisville's 'Welcome Back' season. The audience was buzzing as patrons filled into Whitney Hall to attend the opening night over two years in the making.

Review: THE BAND'S VISIT At The Aronoff Center
July 21, 2022

What did our critic think of THE BAND'S VISIT at The Aronoff Center?

BWW Review: XANADU presented by The Chicken Coop at Champ's Rollerdome
April 13, 2022

When you hear the word Xanadu, you can't help but snicker. When you hear that Xanadu is a musical, your jaw hits the floor. The film Xanadu is infamous for its negative reviews after the release in 1980, but over the years it has earned a 'guilty pleasure' cult classic status. Fast forward to 2007, and Xanadu became a Broadway musical... and a surprise success.

BWW Review: Broadway Across America presents MEAN GIRLS at Kentucky Performing Arts
March 23, 2022

When someone says they're turning one of the most beloved movies ever into a musical, there's always some cause for worry. The usual questions flood in: 'Will they do it justice? 'Will they say this line?' 'What are they going to change?' In most cases these worries are warranted, but in the unique case of Mean Girls, Tina Fey herself returned to adapt her modern teen classic into a hilarious and splashy musical comedy.

BWW Review: COME FROM AWAY at Whitney Hall
February 17, 2022

It's hard to think of a musical with 9/11 as it's central event, isn't it? An event so tragic and recent couldn't possibly be musicalized? Well, in most cases I would tend to agree, but as a lover of the art from, I'm always open to be surprised.

Broadway Beyond Louisville Review: MY FAIR LADY at The Aronoff Center
February 11, 2022

Lincoln Center Theater has a vast and now legendary history of producing lavish revivals of some of the most amazing golden age musicals. In recent years they brought us splendid productions of South Pacific, The King and I, and Falsettos. However, this is nothing new as they flourished in the 80s and 90s with groundbreaking productions of Anything Goes and Carousel. It's only fitting that they would eventually get around to producing the classic musical version of Pygmalion, My Fair Lady. Their version of the show opened on Broadway in 2018 and is now touring the country, currently in Cincinnati.

BWW Review: CATS at Kentucky Performing Arts
January 20, 2022

It's interesting to think at one point in time, Cats was one of the hottest tickets you could get. Almost a Hamilton of the 80s, the show was a global sensation, running over 18 years on Broadway and spawning numerous tours and international productions even up to today. At the time of its height, there was an almost gobsmacked fascination with the show. Is it a musical? Is it a ballet? Is it a new step into experimental theatre? Is it all of the above, or none? I guess that question comes down to the old adage: 'art is in the eyes of the beholder.'

BWW Review: HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH at Drag Daddy Productions
December 3, 2021

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is an indie rock musical that started it's life off-broadway and put the phenomenal John Cameron Mitchell on the map. That successful indie rock musical made its way to the big screen where it solidified itself as a cult classic in musical theatre and gay culture.

BWW Review: WAITRESS Opens Broadway in Louisville's 2021 - 2022 Season at Whitney Hall
November 10, 2021

Last night almost didn't feel real. Waitress opened in Louisville. This statement under normal circumstances wouldn't hold that much weight, but this show has been a bit of a unicorn for Louisville audiences, as the show's opening has been over three years in the making. The show was originally scheduled to close the 2017 - 2018 season, but in a bout of unfortunate luck, The Kentucky Center caught fire about a week before Waitress was set to arrive, and the damage was too great for the show's curtain to rise. A couple seasons later, the show was back on the schedule to the delight of many, but Covid-19 was the second roadblock the show faced in its lengthy journey to Louisville. That brings us to present day, in the reality of our new normal, when it almost seems fitting that Waitress was the show to reopen Louisville's booming Broadway season.

Broadway Beyond Louisville Review: PRETTY WOMAN THE MUSICAL at The Aronoff Center
October 21, 2021

The cast is led by relative newcomer Olivia Valli as Vivian. This show is her first leading role having been an ensemble player in various companies over the last few years. I cannot overstate how perfect Valli is in the role. Vocally she's stunning, but what makes this combination of performer and role such a match made in heaven is the fact that Valli brings an unmatched level of charm, wit, spunk, and grit to the role.

BWW Review: MISS SAIGON at Kentucky Performing Arts
February 13, 2020

In a blaze of glory Miss Saigon is back and better than ever!

BWW Interview: Adam J. Levy of THE BROADWAY PRINCESS PARTY at Clowes Memorial Hall
February 13, 2020

Everyone's favorite dashing prince from The Broadway Princess Party took a minute to talk about life on tour, baking pies, and befriending a Disney legend.

AMERICAN PSYCHO is Now Playing at Acting Against Cancer
January 19, 2020

Acting Against Cancer produces the regional premiere of what is sure to be a bloody good time!

BWW Review: JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR at Kentucky Performing Arts
January 10, 2020

This modern classic returns to the stage in a spicy new production.

BWW Interview: Chatting With HELLO, DOLLY! Tour Star, Carolee Carmello
December 2, 2019

Broadway legend Carolee Carmello took a break from life in Yonkers to talk to me about Hello, Dolly!, life on tour, and so much more.