Paula Kiger

Paula Kiger Paula believes her Twitter bio says it best: Wife of one, Mom of two, Friend of many. She works in digital marketing and business-to-business publishing, LOVES theatre, and hopes everyone adopts her favorite hashtag: #writeoptimistically.



BWW Review: MUSICALS ON THE MOVE at Wanderlust Theatre On LocationBWW Review: MUSICALS ON THE MOVE at Wanderlust Theatre On Location
Posted: Jul. 31, 2019

BWW Review: THE LONG GOODBYE at Monticello Opera HouseBWW Review: THE LONG GOODBYE at Monticello Opera House
Posted: Dec. 2, 2018

BWW Review: A CHORUS LINE at Monticello Opera HouseBWW Review: A CHORUS LINE at Monticello Opera House
Posted: Jun. 25, 2019

BWW Review: GYPSY at Quincy Music TheatreBWW Review: GYPSY at Quincy Music Theatre
Posted: Aug. 18, 2019

BWW Review: NAVIGATORS at Tallahassee Hispanic TheaterBWW Review: NAVIGATORS at Tallahassee Hispanic Theater
Posted: May. 1, 2019

BWW Review: GYPSY at Quincy Music Theatre
August 18, 2019

Baby June and Baby Louise ask a?oeMay We Entertain You?a?? at the start of Uncle Jocko's Kiddie Show. There is so much more behind their question than a simple query about a performance. May we please our stage mother? May we put on makeup and costumes night after night, in town after town, in an effort to survive?

BWW Review: MUSICALS ON THE MOVE at Wanderlust Theatre On Location
July 31, 2019

Have you ever 'trash talked' a fellow theater-goer as you passed each other in the aisle? Probably not, right?

BWW Review: A CHORUS LINE at Monticello Opera House
June 25, 2019

If every performer's thought bubble were visible above their heads, onlookers would see a mixture of angst, tension, joy, insecurity, overconfidence and a host of other thoughts. "A Chorus Line" at Monticello Opera House puts all of those thoughts into motion.

BWW Review: NAVIGATORS at Tallahassee Hispanic Theater
May 1, 2019

"She" and "He" never quite get to the truth the audience may be hoping for, but they navigate to a real and candid place.

BWW Review: THE LONG GOODBYE at Monticello Opera House
December 2, 2018

The Long Goodbye is a show for an audience member with the ability to empathize with the pain of losing someone dear, an appreciation for strong community ties, and a willingness to suspend a bit of disbelief in support of a mother who is having trouble letting go. 

BWW Review: AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY at Theatre Tallahassee
September 11, 2018

Theatre Tallahassee's production of August: Osage County has what every dysfunctional family needs: multiple intermissions.

BWW Review: AMERICAN IDIOT at New Stage Theatreworks
July 17, 2018

Watching New Stage Theatreworks' production of American Idiot is the equivalent of a theatrical energy drink. So much energy, so much angst, so much intensity.

BWW Review: LES MISERABLES at Leon Performing Arts
July 15, 2018

The program for the Leon Performing Arts production of Les Miserables (School Edition) stipulates 'performed entirely by students,' but the 'student' part becomes an afterthought as the show proceeds. These performers brought a caliber of professionalism and expertise to the production that belies their years.

BWW Review: BAREFOOT IN THE PARK at Theatre Tallahassee
June 18, 2018

How can a marriage go from newlywed infatuation to conflicted misery in just four days? The viewer finds out in Theatre Tallahassee's production of Neil Simon's "Barefoot in the Park."

BWW Review: BLIND DATE at Tallahassee Hispanic Theater
March 19, 2018

This play inspired by Argentinian poet Jorge Luis Borges explores how time can constrict, expand and confuse. Five characters grapple with the outcomes of choices and why relationships matter.

BWW Review: FOREVER YOURS, JULITA at Tallahassee Hispanic Theater
January 29, 2018

With curtains billowing so gently our eyes almost felt tricked, Forever Yours, Julita lured a small but enthusiastic audience into the story of Puerto Rican poets Luis Llor?ns Torres and Julia de Burgos at the play's Tallahassee premiere on January 25.

BWW Previews: STEEL MAGNOLIAS at Theatre Tallahassee
January 15, 2018

This show draws us in to the women's lives, but does not buttonhole itself into being a women's issues play. It would be easy to default to a caricature of southern women being southern, but this production doesn't do that, to its credit.

BWW Review: IT'S ONLY A PLAY at Theatre Tallahassee
November 10, 2017

Theatre Tallahassee's version of It's Only a Play, directed by Matthew Watson, gives us as audience members the opportunity to observe the angst, ecstasy, exhaustion, and a multitude of other emotions of a group of people with various motives to care about the production's outcome.

BWW Previews: BELLA brings terror and gore to the SoMo Playhouse
November 4, 2017

'Bella' portrays the story of a kidnapped family imprisoned in a basement. The family members have to escape before their tormentor, Michael, feeds them to his man-eating dog, Bella. As time goes by, the family members wonder if it's Bella they really need to worry about.

BWW Interview: Brian Davis of CONSTELLATIONS at Theatre Tallahassee
September 28, 2017

Theatre Tallahassee's Studio Theatre is kicking off the 2017-18 season with its production of Constellations, a play written by Nick Payne.

BWW Review: 9 TO 5 THE MUSICAL at Theatre Tallahassee
August 28, 2017

As a 9 to 5 the Musical audience member at Theatre Tallahassee, I was kind of grateful to be a 'mid-life' individual. References to carbon paper, white-out and other uniquely 80s (and prior) items were not at all lost on me. I could relate to a secretary's joy over the wonder of self-regulating left margins on typewriters.

BWW Previews: SWEENEY TODD THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET at Quincy Music Theatre #AttendTheTale - Dark, Dangerous, Delicious
August 21, 2017

I would love to have been a fly on the wall as Stephen Sondheim and Hal Prince collaborated on Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Maybe one of them said, "what's the darkest topic we could tackle that will allow us to incorporate gorgeous musicality?"

BWW Review: Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST at Florida Gateway College
July 24, 2017

The Florida Gateway College Entertainment Series brought Beauty and the Beast - The Broadway Musical - to life on stage beautifully.

BWW Review: THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME at Leon High School Performing Arts Theatre
July 18, 2017

Leon High Performing Arts' The Hunchback of Notre Dame transports audiences to the 1400s while creating timeless appeal.

BWW Review: IN THE HEIGHTS from New Stage Theatreworks at Theatre Tallahassee
July 9, 2017

This New Stage Theatreworks production of In the Heights takes viewers far beyond Tallahassee, puts us squarely in Washington Heights, and gets us bailando.