Noah Lee Jordan

Noah Lee Jordan

Noah Lee Jordan was born in Tucson, Arizona blindly unaware of his true calling---a life surrounded by bright lights, big stages and live theatre. He has been performing since his was six-years-old, beginning with Missoula Children's Theatre and moving up the ladder to much bigger equity stages around the country. His theatre musings have been featured in various regional and national publications, and currently have a home on, at least for now. Not completely finished traveling but on a bit of a hiatus, he's enjoying his time in Minneapolis. Favorite performances include; The Wedding Singer (directed by choreographer Mandy Moore), While We Were Bowling, Hairspray, Ragtime, Godspell, and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Follow him on Twitter @noahjordan. 



BWW Exclusive Interview: WALLFLOWERS and the Minnesota Man - John Halbach
May 15, 2014

Now featured in Kieran Turner's web series WALLFLOWERS, John Halbach is showcasing his acting chops for the world to see---on the internet, of all places.

BWW Interviews: She Ain't No Cheerleader - Zuri Washington
May 13, 2014

Despite making it through the initial round of auditions and several rounds of callbacks for BRING IT ON THE MUSICAL, reality didn't set in for Zuri Washington until the end of the audition process. Now she's starring in the national tour.

BWW Interviews: The Music Man Behind the Blue Man Group - Jesse Nolan
May 4, 2014

As I child I remember being afraid of the 'Blue Man' that might sneak out of my closet at night, but that was before I saw the show. Now, I've seen the show six times. caught up with BLUE MAN GROUP's music director, Jesse Nolan in this Q&A.

BWW Interviews: Look Out Los Angeles, Here Comes the New Kid - Jemar Michael
May 2, 2014

Back in the day, Jemar Michael was just another chubby kid with big city dreams. Now he's making his feature film debut in the upcoming DEAR WHITE PEOPLE, moving to Los Angeles, and showing of his newfound body on various social networks.

BWW Exclusive Interview: String Quartet WELL-STRUNG Serenades the Citizens of Minneapolis For a Good Cause
April 7, 2014

WELL-STRUNG hasn't been around for decades but since hitting the scene they've proven that while looks will get you pretty far, it's looks AND talent that will take you all the way.

BWW Interviews: Not Your Everyday George, David Darrow
March 29, 2014

As Theater Latte Da's OUR TOWN heads into the final week, trumpet player turned leading man, David Darrow, reminds us that he's much more than a pretty set of abs. He's actually just a normal guy who likes to act and is somehow making it work in this town.

BWW Reviews: Chanhassen Dinner Theatre's THE LITTLE MERMAID Makes Poseidon (and Disney) Proud
March 21, 2014

My tiny companion, Mia (she's 5-years-old) is sitting in a chair, staring intently at the stage-as she does when she's completely engaged-watching Chanhassen Dinner Theatre's regional premiere of THE LITTLE MERMAID. And just like that, I knew that no matter how I felt, Chanhassen Dinner Theatre's THE LITTLE MERMAID was a success.

BWW Reviews: Fun, Puns and Tons of Imagination, PETER AND THE STARCATCHER
March 14, 2014

Before there was Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Wendy and those two annoying little brothers--there was just a boy who didn't have a name, a few orphan friends, a 'starcatcher' named Molly and a ship named Neverland...

BWW Reviews: Happy Full or Uncomfortably Full? MMT's FIVE COURSE LOVE
January 30, 2014

FIVE COURSE LOVE by Gregg Coffin has a fairly simple premise, five different love stories set in five themed restaurants and three actors playing all the roles. It's a fast-paced, campy, and wildly outrageous comedy that weaves together music, humor and a little dash of heart.

BWW Interviews: Don't Cry for Me, Ms. Bowman
January 28, 2014

Caroline Bowman is a brunette. Now, I'm not saying she isn't special, it's just that she doesn't have any super distinguishing features---big ears, a weird jaw, a lazy eye, a disproportionate body---she looks like a normal person and that's not a bad thing. But, what separates Bowman from the hordes of brunettes in a room, is that she truly is a triple-threat.

BWW Reviews: Mediocre and Missing a Few Degrees, TRP's SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION
January 20, 2014

It's a very lively crowd for a Sunday matinee but Theatre in the Round Players have quite a loyal following, so I'm not surprised. Just before the lights fade to black, I hear it and it was that moment I should've immediately knocked on wood. 'You can't go wrong with this theatre,' says a man to my right---famous last words.

BWW Interviews: Meet Mr. Emcee, Tyler Michaels
January 17, 2014

Tyler Michaels, the Emcee in the upcoming Theatre Latte Da and Hennepin Theatre Trust production of CABARET, is hoping his performance will be unique and one to remember--and after chatting with, we think he will definitely succeed.

BWW Interviews: Spell the Word 'Love' - Five Minutes with Jill Iverson of Bloomington Civic Theatre's SPELLING BEE
January 16, 2014

In honor of the fast-approaching day of love, thought we'd take a little time out of our busy schedules to go back a few decades. We caught up with Jill Iverson, who is playing Olive Ostrovsky in the Bloomington Civic Theatre production of THE 25TH ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE. Even though they're only 12-years-old, these characters and certainly Olive, know quite a bit about the 'L' word.

BWW Interviews: Five-Minutes with ELEPHANT'S GRAVEYARD director and Theatre Pro Rata's Amber Bjork
January 14, 2014

Amber Bjork has been a part of Theatre Pro Rata for quite a while now and proven that not only is she a talented actress but also quite the director. took a minute to catch up with the talented creative to talk life, love, and her upcoming project ELEPHANT'S GRAVEYARD.

BWW Interviews: Five-Minutes with the FIDDLER and Chanhassen's leading man, Keith Rice
January 8, 2014

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, we thought we would catch-up with CDT actor, Keith Rice, to talk FIDDLER, theatre and his big plans for that special day. Keep reading to find out how you can win two tickets to CDT's production of FIDDLER ON THE ROOF on Valentine's Day.

BWW Reviews: Walking Shadow Theatre Company's THE SEXUAL LIFE OF SAVAGES is Sexual Indeed
November 26, 2013

I'm not one to talk numbers. I never have been nor will I ever be willing to discuss the number of conquests and how it relates to overall sexual prowess. I only mention this because it's a typically cold, Minnesota evening when I see Walking Theatre Company's production of THE SEXUAL LIFE OF SAVAGES, and the two-hour production begins with the very question, 'what's your number?'

BWW Reviews: Timeless, Wonderful Holiday Classic - Guthrie's A CHRISTMAS CAROL
November 22, 2013

It's two minutes to curtain on a Wednesday's opening night performance of the Guthrie's annual production of A CHRISTMAS CAROL and I'm running through a parking garage. Who gets invited to see A CHRISTMAS CAROL and says, no? Nobody, that's who.

BWW Reviews: Mysterious, Witty and All-Around Engaging - TRP's SPIDER'S WEB
November 18, 2013

Agatha Christie's SPIDER'S WEB is a regular whodunit mystery. It's smart. It's humorous. And it always keeps you guessing. Instead of the expected holiday-focused production Theatre in the Round Players is offering up a little something different this season and I am more than happy to accept.

BWW Reviews: FLiP! Theatre Co.'s THE LAST FIVE YEARS is a He Said, She Said Masterpiece
November 5, 2013

Everyone has a love story they can pull from their memory, which is why everyone can relate this show. But this is not about my love story or your own love story, this is about Cathy and Jamie and THE LAST FIVE YEARS. This is about their love story.

BWW Reviews: Somewhat Predictable, but Still Very Entertaining, the Guthrie's SKIING ON BROKEN GLASS
November 5, 2013

It's opening night of David Goldstein's SKIING ON BROKEN GLASS at the Guthrie and as the play forms around me, it feels all too familiar-a love that makes no sense, an escort, unsupportive peers, and a constant battle of conscience. The play is just a little expected but in the end it leaves you with something to chat about by the water cooler and captures a few very real moments that make it all worthwhile.