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Daniel Collins A communications professional for 25 years, Dan Collins was a theater critic for The Baltimore Examiner daily newspaper (2006-2009), covering plays throughout the Baltimore-Columbia area including Center Stage, The Everyman, The Fells Point Corner Theater, Mobtown Players, Vagabond Theater, Cockpit in Court, Spotlighters Theater, The Strand, Single Carrot Theater and others. Mr. Collins has been a reporter, features writer, editor and columnist since 1984, including stints with The Washington Times and the Times Publishing Group (later Patuxent Publishing and now part of The Baltimore Sun) in Baltimore. His freelance writing career has included his work for the Examiner as well as other publications including Baltimore Magazine.



Posted: Feb. 17, 2020

BWW Reviews: Breaking Away in FOLLOWING SARAH
August 7, 2012

Maddy, Kat and Julia are high-achieveing, super-stressed seniors on the Cross Country team at Thwaite Academy. An email from their former teammate Sarah threatens to push them over the edge. Why? Because Sarah died after winning last year's Cross Country Championship.

BWW Reviews: Justice Is Served: LETHAL INJECTION
July 30, 2012

A politically charged murder trial rocks a small Texas town when two wealthy brothers are accused of killing the stalker of a teenaged girl. A determined District Attorney jeopardizes his career in his relentless pursuit of the truth.

IN STEP WITH: THE HOLDUP's Frank Vince at Spotlighters Theater
July 25, 2012

his is the last week for director Michael Spellman's The Holdup, now at the Spotlighters Theater ( I caught up with actor Frank Vince who portrays "The Outlaw" in this "inventive, picaresque play that mingles humor and sentiment," as noted on the Spotlighters website. I've had the opportunity to review Frank's work in the past, such as his performance as Roy Cohn in Angels in America, and have "strode the boards" with him when I played Jimmy Tomorrow to Frank's Rocky in the Fells Point Corner Theater production of "The Iceman Cometh' this past winter. In this interview, Frank discusses his love of acting, his time at the Spotlighters, and his role as "The Outlaw'

BWW Reviews: With a Bullet - HIRED GUN
July 16, 2012

Guest reviewer Mark Squirek provides his insights into local playwright Mark Scharf's HIRED GUN, a melodramatic meditation on aging, Fender guitars, delusions, the music business and marriage.

BWW Reviews: SHANA UNSETTLED - Waiting for Topaz
July 2, 2012

Shana lives in a state of constant turmoil and instability as she is visited by a number of characters, each one attempting to budge her from a place of indecision and fear. Are they successful? Is Shana? This unsettling play, 'Shana Unsettled,' is part of the 31st annual Baltimore Playwrights Festival.

BWW Reviews: Mobtown Players' BENT is an Act of Defiance
June 18, 2012

To be gay was to be a criminal in Nazi Germany. Martin Sherman's play, 'BENT,' takes on the issue of homosexuality under Hitler's rule in this 2-act, 2+ hour production now at Baltimore's Mobtown Players theater.

BWW Reviews: Time Catches Up: THE HOT L BALTIMORE
June 11, 2012

What do three prostitutes, an old man, a brother and sister on their way to Utah, a man seeking his grandfather, a faded southern belle, among others, all have in common? They're all about to be evicted from 'The Hot L Baltimore,' now at the Spotlighters Theater.

Crazy Rhythm: SOUVENIR at the Vagabond
June 4, 2012

When a can't-pay-the-rent musician meets a rich-in-coin-but-not-in-talent would-be diva named Florence Foster Jenkins, an unlikely partnership is formed that would shock the Beckstein, as the Vagabond Players present Stephen Temperley's SOUVENIR.

Love Among the RUINED
May 7, 2012

Now at the Fells Point Corner Theater, Lynn Nottage's RUINED is a haunting, probing work about the resilience of the human spirit during times of war.

Through the Wilderness: FROST/NIXON
May 7, 2012

A British talk show host takes on a former U.S. President in The Vagabond Players' production of 'Frost/Nixon.'

BWW Reviews: DARWIN IN MALIBU - An Engaging Evening
April 5, 2012

Award-winning actor/playwright/director Mark Squirek offers his insights as a Guest Reviewer into the Mobtown Theater's current production of Darwin in Malibu by Crispin Whittell, a work that's as much about faith as it is evolution.

Sweet Home California
March 5, 2012

East Coast battles West Coast with a teenage girl's home address in the balance...a man tries to conceal an unconscious lady of the evening from the lady of the English actress has Oscar dreams and two couples learn you shouldn't visit too many Japanese restaurants on's all smiles for the patrons of Neil Simon's 'California Suite.'

BWW Reviews: Spotlighter's AGNES OF GOD - Complex and Marvelous
February 28, 2012

A baby lies dead...was it murder? The mother has no knowledge of even being pregnant...and she's a nun. A virgin birth? A psychiatrist with a serious anti-Catholic streak joins forces with a Mother Superior to delve the mystery of John Pielmeier's 'Agnes of God,' now at the Spotlighters Theater in downtown Baltimore.

A Skull Set A'Pondering
February 21, 2012

Martin McDonagh's A SKULL IN CONNEMARA reflects today's attention-span-shortened audience...Concise but clever, with laughing and bashing, a playful bit of a play...but not particularly demanding of its audience...unlike, say Eugene O'Neill's THE ICEMAN COMETH. Does 'SKULL' represent a trend in modern theater? Are the days of 4-hour plays over?

February 1, 2012

A Mr. Mark Squirek -- a non-facebook subscriber but an individual with an evidently keen interest in theater -- sent me this response to a recently posted review of Eugene O'Neill's THE ICEMAN COMETH, now at the Fells Point Corner Theater. To post responses to BWW reviews requires facebook membership (it's a way to eliminate anonymous, hateful postings), but not everyone has joined the millions taking the facebook plunge. I was impressed enough with the detail and depth of this letter to include it as a READER FEEDBACK column. I will say that I am a member of the ICEMAN cast, so I believe it only right to note that here. In any event, here is Mr. Squirek's comments.

BWW Reviews: Pearls Before Swine - AMERICAN BUFFALO
November 14, 2011

A 1970s resale shop in Chicago is the setting for award-winning playwright David Mamet's 'American Buffalo,' now at Baltimore's Center Stage.

BWW Reviews: PRIVATE LIVES Made Public at Everyman Theatre
November 7, 2011

Amanda and Elyot loved each other, passionately. They fought, passionately. They divorced...probably passionately as well. When both find themselves remarried and enjoying their respective honeymoons at the same hotel, well, passions are soon enflamed. It's Noel Coward's PRIVATE LIVES, now at Baltimore's Everyman Theatre.

Baltimore BWW Awards Nominations Close on Monday!
October 29, 2011

The 2011 Inaugural Broadwayworld Baltimore Awards are now seeking nominations!

2011 Baltimore BWW Awards Nominations Now Open
October 11, 2011

The 2011 Inaugural Broadwayworld Baltimore Awards are now seeking nominations!

BWW Reviews: At Cross Porpoises: THE RIVALS
October 10, 2011

A young captain loves a woman who loves an ensign who doesn't exist...or does he? A hair-trigger-tempered Irishman, an over-coiffed country bumpkin, a lover who'd cut off his heart to spite his own happiness, an overbearing father, a romance-loving lady, and a bubble-headed 'she-dragon' who never met a word she didn't mangle, all join forces in 'The Rivals.'

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