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Daniel Collins A communications professional for 25 years, Dan Collins was a theater critic for The Baltimore Examiner daily newspaper (2006-2009), covering plays throughout the Baltimore-Columbia area including Center Stage, The Everyman, The Fells Point Corner Theater, Mobtown Players, Vagabond Theater, Cockpit in Court, Spotlighters Theater, The Strand, Single Carrot Theater and others. Mr. Collins has been a reporter, features writer, editor and columnist since 1984, including stints with The Washington Times and the Times Publishing Group (later Patuxent Publishing and now part of The Baltimore Sun) in Baltimore. His freelance writing career has included his work for the Examiner as well as other publications including Baltimore Magazine.




Posted: Feb. 17, 2020

BWW Reviews: Queer Eye - TEA & SYMPATHY
October 3, 2011

When a young man at a 1950s boarding school isn't deemed a 'regular guy' by his peers, he seeks out 'tea and sympathy' and much more than that in Robert Anderson's famed play.

BWW Reviews: FPCT's THREE TALL WOMEN Will Keep You Thinking
September 26, 2011

Three women representing three stages of life--youth, middle age, the senior years. Why do people change? When is the happiest time in our lives? These questions and more are explored in Edward Albee's award-winning drama, 'Three Tall Women,' now at the Fells Point Corner Theatre.

BWW Reviews: WAIT UNTIL DARK - More Than Meets The Eyes
September 11, 2011

A blind woman finds that the best way to defeat evil is to 'Wait Until Dark' as Frederick Knott's acclaimed play comes to Baltimore's Vagabond Players theater.

What Trumps Love? Unraveled on the Gravel
August 8, 2011

Love conquers all, right? But that was before Prozac. Kevin Kostic's 'Unraveled on the Gravel,' now at the Spotlighters, poses an intriguing question: What trumps Love?

BWW Reviews: One Bedroom Plays at The Strand Theatre
June 13, 2011

A bed, a side table, a phone. A man, a woman. Infidelity, doubt, murder, and clap-on-clap-off lighting. It's just a sampling of several original short plays part of the 3rd annual 'Friends & Neighbors Festival' at The Strand theater, now through June 19th

Lost in the Translation
June 6, 2011

It's a very-adult 'Ransom of Red Chief''s an indictment on the power of the media in shaping our's a send-up of the's a madcap Italian farce...but will it play in Bawlmer, hon? It's 'Abducting Diana' now at the Vagabond Players on South Broadway.

A Play Well Done, No Doubt
May 15, 2011

It's 1964 in a small Catholic school in the Bronx. A priest has taken St. Nicholas' only black student under his wing. Is he protector or something else? This is just one of many questions posed in John Patrick Shanley's award-winning play, 'Doubt: A Parable,' now at Baltimore's Spotlighters Theatre.

A Critic Strides the Boards: A Personal Tale
May 3, 2011

Those who can, act; those who can't, review? Not necessarily. Broadwayworld reviewer Dan Collins recently put down his critic's notepad to stride the boards for the very first time in the Fells Point Corner Theater's playwrights' competition, '10x10.'

Cast Your Nets: Last Days of Judas Iscariot
April 10, 2011

Mother Theresa a bad guy? Pontius Pilate just an honorable Roman? Satan hitting people below the belt with the truth? Mary Magdalene in fishnets? It's all a bit off kilter, designed to give the audience a different perspective in Stephen Adly Guirgis' 'The Last Days of Judas Iscariot,' now at the Mobtown Players theater.

Family Under Glass: Stick Fly
March 28, 2011

Secrets unfold when the Levay brothers bring their girlfriends to the family's luxurious Martha's vineyard summer home to meet their parents in Lydia Diamond's 'Stick Fly,' now at Baltimore's Everyman Theatre.

Snow Drifts: Snow Falling on Cedars
March 21, 2011

It's a love story, a murder mystery, a courtroom drama, a WWII history lesson that's sad, tragic, funny, violent, and all set on a rotating stage...but is it all a bit too much? It's 'Snow Falling on Cedars' now at Baltimore's Center Stage.

Test of Time
February 27, 2011

A wornout man in yesterday's suit and fedora achieves tragic heights typically reserved for Shakespearean kings in Arthur Miller's classic, 'Death of a Salesman,' now at the Vagabond Players Theater in Fells Point.

Off Ramp Comedy
February 19, 2011

A family of four drive 2,000 miles across country to see a dying relative one last time. Who and what they encounter along the way is the stuff of 'Approaching Zanzibar,' now at the Spotlighters Theatre.

BWW Reviews: THE HOMECOMING at Center Stage
February 6, 2011

A philosophy professor returns home to London from America with his wife in tow to meet his family. A simple enough premise, but in the hands of absurdist playwright Harold Pinter, the result is something less than warm and fuzzy.

Stumbling Effort
January 30, 2011

There's a reason 'She Stoops To Conquer' continues to grace stages worldwide nearly 250 years since it was first performed in 1773...It's funny, and in a myriad of ways

Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks
January 24, 2011

Translated into 12 languages with productions in more than 20 countries, 'Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks' brings its comic edge to the stage at the Vagabond Players theater.

Second Chances
January 23, 2011

Valentine's Day comes early to the Everyman Theatre as two one-time lovers contemplate reuniting in Steven Dietz's play, 'Shooting Star.'

Irrational Streak
November 28, 2010

Absurdly, sublimely ridiculous playwright Charles Ludlam's salute to acting, the relationship between fathers and sons--especially when the father and son are both actors with an affinity for 'Hamlet'--is the stuff and nonsense of 'Stage Blood' now at the Spotlighters Theater in downtown Baltimore.

War Stories
November 21, 2010

Taken from the real-life experiences of Marines and their families, ReEntry provides a look at what it's like for men and women trained to kill to leave the battlefield and return home.

Family Affairs
November 14, 2010

Everyman Theatre's 20th anniversary celebration continues with a riveting performance of the 1946 Arthur Miller family drama, 'All My Sons.'

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