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BWW Reviews: Scott Thompson's ONE FOR MY BABY is Ready to Bring the Light Back to BroadwayBWW Reviews: Scott Thompson's ONE FOR MY BABY is Ready to Bring the Light Back to Broadway
June 23, 2013

I still remember seeing my first Broadway show as a child. It had everything possible: drama, comedy, and, most importantly, depth and a broad spectrum of emotion. Shows weren't pigeon-holed into one genre or another; they were expansive and beautiful works that could elicit every possible feeling from the audience and leave you feeling elated, as if you had been a part of the magical journey of the characters on stage. Nowadays, it seems as though many of the plays and musicals lack the dimension of the great shows of yesterdays and leave the audiences craving more. Whatever happened to the gripping stories that could make you laugh, cry, loathe and love all in the same two hours? While they may have gone astray in the last few years, there is finally a shining light on Broadway's horizon that can restore the lackluster Great White Way to its former glory, and 'One for My Baby' will be that beacon.

Kathryn Mowat Murphy - Broadway's Fiery PhenomKathryn Mowat Murphy - Broadway's Fiery Phenom
February 21, 2013

Whether on performing on stage, choreographing and directing as part of the creative team, teaching dance or leading her high-powered KatMoJAM class, Kathryn Mowat-Murphy is known for her commitment to excellence and her dedication to those whose lives she touches and inspires.

Keeping Dancers ON POINTKeeping Dancers ON POINT
January 31, 2013

Being on the road always has its challenges, regardless if you are a dancer touring with the hottest new show or enjoying a much needed vacation. Locating a studio in a new city with the perfect dance class to suit your schedule used to be a tedious chore, but with the release of the On Point Dance app from the Jeffrey Nunez Company, LIA Ventures, Inc., finding your next dance class is just a click away.