2015 Ameripolitan Music Award Winners Announced at Paramount Theatre

By: Feb. 18, 2015

The 2nd Annual Ameripolitan Music Awards took place last night at the historic Paramount Theatre, 713 Congress Avenue in downtown Austin, presented by Lone Star and Fender Guitars, with winners in classic country music categories as Honky Tonk, Western Swing, Rockabilly and Outlaw.

Over 1,200 guests and 97 nominees packed the theatre to celebrate the best of Ameripolitan Music; a new music genre coined by singer/songwriter Dale Watson, defined as having a prominent root influence, not conforming to the 'country' of today. It is broken into four related subcategories: Honky Tonk, Western Swing, Rockabilly and Outlaw. Artists and bands can fall into one or more of these categories.

2015 Ameripolitan Award Winners






ROCKABILLY GROUP: Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys



WESTERN SWING GROUP: Hot Club of Cowtown

OUTLAW FEMALE: Sarah Gayle Meech

OUTLAW MALE: Jesse Dayton

OUTLAW GROUP: The Freight Shakers

AMERIPOLITAN VENUE: The Continental Club, Austin TX


AMERIPOLITAN DJ: Mojo Nixon - Sirius XM Outlaw


Legends of Western Swing, Wichita Falls TX - http://legendsofwesternswing.publishpath.com/

The 2015 "Founder of the Sound" Award went to Honky Tonk Hero and Outlaw Icon BILLY JOE SHAVER and Master of the Telecaster and Elvis' TCB band leader JAMES BURTON and a special"Keeper of the Key" was presented to the legendary Texas Rockabilly Trio HIGH NOON.

Nominees dazzled the audience with performances, including -- James Hand, The Derailers, Amber Digby, Paul Pigat, Jason D. Williams, Elana James, The Western Swing Authority, Jason Roberts with The Cactus Blossoms, and Sarah Gayle Meech. There were also special performances by Dale Watson, Ray Benson, Earl Poole Ball, and Redd Volkaert.

Presenters include James White, Jason Galaz, Cindy Cashdollar, Dallas Wayne, Big Sandy, Rosie Flores, Ray Benson, Wayne Hancock, Dale Watson, Casper Rawls among others. Sirius XM Radios' Mojo Nixon and Elizabeth Cook will host.

Sponsors: The event was made possible by the generous sponsorship of presenting sponsor, Lone Star and co-sponsor, Fender. Additional sponsors include Holiday Inn and Koala. Media sponsors include Austin Chronicle, KXAN and Sirius XM.

For more information, visit www.Ameripolitan.com.

About the Ameripolitan Music Awards: We're not leaving Country Music behind, we're taking "real" country music with us. Ameripolitan Music LLC and The Ameripolitan Music Awards were created to benefit and acknowledge artists whose work does not readily conform to the tastes of today's "country" or other music genres and organizations. It also provides fans with a means of finding these artists and their music.

Ameripolitan - This thought provoking word is intended to be an invitation to discuss the future of the music that is important to so many of us. By leaving the hopelessly compromised word "country" behind and exclusively using the term "Ameripolitan", our intention is to reestablish this music's own unique identity, elevate its significance and help reinvigorate it creatively. Also, because of our place in history, we have the privilege and responsibility to pass a great musical tradition on to future generations who will otherwise have no direct connection to this music.

The Ameripolitan Music Awards will acknowledge those Ameripolitan Artists whose music honors tradition while demonstrating exceptional originality, creativity, and musicianship. Through their work, Ameripolitan Music will ultimately be defined. We then will acknowledge the Ameripolitan DJs and venues that promote these artists and their music. Finally, we will honor a living legend who has kept the tradition alive through their music and perseverance.

About the Ameripolitan Categories: Ameripolitan Music is a new music Genre with prominent roots influence. It is broken into four related subcategories: Honky Tonk, Western Swing, Rockabilly and Outlaw. Artists and bands can fall into one or more of these categories. Musical and lyrical creativity is critical but to be considered Ameripolitan music, it must retain some of these traditional elements as well.

Honky Tonk is a versatile category but it is typically associated with shuffle and waltz time music with a strong danceable beat. Lyrically, it can range from rural to urban, from profane to patriotic, but an emphasis on the ups and downs of life and love in and around the honky tonk is common. Ray Price's, Johnny Bush's and Tammy Wynette's music are classic examples. Dale Watson's, James Hand's and Amber Digby's music are contemporary examples.

Western Swing has a lighter yet still very danceable swing beat. Lyrically, it can also range widely but an emphasis the sentimental and whimsical is not uncommon. Bob Wills', Hank Thompson's, and Cindy Walker's music are classic examples. The Cornell Hurd Band's, Asleep at the Wheel's, and Dawn Sears' music are contemporary examples.

Rockabilly is the most youth oriented of the styles. A strong up tempo dance beat is predominant. Lyrically, the music is often simple with cars, dating and other youth related activities being the most common subjects. Carl Perkins', Jerry Lee Lewis' and Wanda Jackson's music are Classic examples. Big Sandy's, James Intveld's and Rosie Flores's music are contemporary examples.

Outlaw was originally intended to describe how this music was made (outside the Nashville system) as much as what it sounded like. It has come to be associated with a slower, half time, heavy bass beat or more up tempo rock beats. Outlaw is lyrically similar to honky tonk and rockabilly. Waylon Jennings', Willie Nelson's and Jesse Colter's music are classic examples. Pee Wee Moore's, Roger Alan Wade's and Sarah Gayle Meech's music are contemporary examples.

Originally, all of this music was created as string band music to be played for a dancing and drinking crowd. It is important to understand this music, by nature, is participatory. The band and the audience experience this music together, physically and emotionally. It might be said, to truly be Ameripolitan music, it must be music couples can dance to.